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Andrew Burlinson BSc Economics – Newcastle University; MSc Economics – University of Nottingham; PhD Programme – Warwick Business School

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Research Associate

Applied microeconometrics and applied microeconomics, specifically in the energy sector: consumer behavior and decision-making; the impact of energy efficiency on consumer vulnerability; fuel poverty

Andrew joined the School of Business and Economics on 1st August 2016 as a postdoctoral research associate. To date, Andrew has conducted research for several EPSRC funded projects (C-MADEnS, EnTraNTS and FlexiNET) on topics such as: the consumer adoption of renewable and energy storage technologies; the non-traditional business models and services rapidly changing the energy system landscape; and, currently exploring, probabilistic and risk frameworks to analyse business models, investment levers and transition scenarios for decarbonised residential heating.

Andrew’s PhD was funded by Western Power Distribution as part of the FlexDGrid project. During his PhD, Andrew primarily used survey data and microeconometric techniques to investigate the consumer decision-making processes underpinning the adoption of energy efficient technologies. More specifically, he explored whether behavioural factors, such as inattention and heuristics, and informational asymmetries lead to potential inefficiencies in the energy efficiency market, as well as the potential consequences for fuel poor and vulnerable consumers.

For more information on the C-MADEnS and EnTraNTS projects please visit:

Andrew’s main research areas of interest include applied microeconometrics and applied microeconomics. He has a strong interest in consumer behavior and decision-making related to the adoption of energy efficient technologies. His research further investigates the impact of energy efficiency on inequality and vulnerability in the energy market.

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