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Professor Alistair Cheyne BA, Nottingham, MA, St Andrews, Dip.App.Psyc., Nottingham, PhD, Loughborough, C.Psychol

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Professor of Organisational Psychology

Organisational culture; safety; employee attitudes

Alistair's main research interests lie in the fields of applied social and organisational psychology, and in particular relate to organisational culture and climate, the impact of culture on various work groups, organisational cultures for safety, and assessing and modelling employee attitudes at work.

Alistair delivers material on undergraduate, postgraduate and post-experience degree courses, including risk management courses run by the Professional and Management Development Centre's Centre for Hazard and Risk Management.

Alistair has had research grants/financial support from the Health and Safety Executive, the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency and several large multinational organisations. He has published in The British Journal of Management, the Journal of Organisational and Occupational Psychology, Work and Stress, Safety Science, and The European Psychologist.

London 2012 build project a model for health and safety says new study

IOSH cross-funded research projects

  • The management of occupational safety and health (OSH) in networked systems of production or service delivery (January 2013 to December 2014)

Research Summary: This project investigates the challenges to OSH professionals trying to produce, collate and deploy knowledge across associations of networked organisations. It complements the work carried out by Institute of Occupational Medicine looking at stocks and flows of knowledge within a limited number of industrial sectors – healthcare, construction and logistics. The networks mostly consist of larger organisations, although there is some involvement of SMEs.

  • SMEs’ and micro organisations’ engagement with occupational safety and health (March 2013 to February 2015)

Research Summary: This study builds on a project supported under the programme – the management of OSH in networked systems of production or service delivery – and focuses on OSH perceptions and behaviours of SMEs including micro organisations. An interdisciplinary perspective in research methodologies as well as a multi-sectoral approach will be adopted, working with healthcare, logistics and construction, before extending to other sectors.