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April 2020 - Publishing successes for Wine Business RIG members

Despite the COVID-19 outbreak, it has been a productive few months for the members of the Wine Business RIG. A selection of members' recent publications are shown below as a snapshot of their successes (members' names are presented in bold). These are fantastic achievements, since this work has appeared in highly-rated peer-reviewed journals.

  • Crick, J.M., and Crick, D. (2020). Coopetition and COVID-19: Collaborative business-to-business marketing strategies in a pandemic crisis. Industrial Marketing Management (forthcoming - ABS: 3; ABDC: A*).
  • Keeling, D.I., de Ruyter, K., Mousavi, S., and Laing, A. (2020). Technology Push without a Patient Pull: Examining Digital Unengagement (DU) with Online Health Services, European Journal of Marketing (forthcoming - ABS: 3; ABDC: A*).
  • Hogreve, J., Wünderlich, N.V., Chowdhury, I.N., Fleischer, H., Mousavi, S., Rötzmeier-Keuper, J., and Sousa, R (2020). Overcoming vulnerability: Channel design strategies to alleviate vulnerability perceptions in customer journeys, Journal of Business Research (forthcoming - ABS: 3; ABDC: A).
  • Yin, M, Hughes, M., and Hu, Q (2020). Entrepreneurial orientation and new venture resource acquisition: Why context matters, Asia Pacific Journal of Management (forthcoming - ABS: 3; ABDC: A).
  • Michaelidou, N, Micevski, M., and Cadogan, J.W. (2020). Users’ ethical perceptions of social media research: Conceptualisation and measurement, Journal of Business Research (forthcoming - ABS: 3; ABDC: A).
  • Crick, J.M., and Crick, D. (2020).The Yin and Yang nature of coopetition activities: Non-linear effects and the moderating role of competitive intensity for internationalised firms. International Marketing Review (forthcoming - ABS: 3; ABDC: A).
  • Bouncken, R., Hughes, M., Ratzmann, M., Cesinger, B., and Pesch, R. (2020) Family firms, alliance governance, and mutual knowledge creation. British Journal of Management (forthcoming - ABS: 4; ABDC: A).
  • Frost, W., Frost, J., Strickland, P., and Smith Maguire, J. (2020). Seeking a competitive advantage in wine tourism: Heritage and storytelling at the cellar-door. International Journal of Hospitality Management (forthcoming - ABS: 3; ABDC: A).