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Economics Seminars

The Economics Group runs an active Seminar Series, with SBE staff and invited guests presenting throughout the year.

2019-2020 Seminars

Date Presenter Title Organiser

25 September 2019

Silvia Sonderegger

University of Nottingham

It’s Not a Lie if You Believe It: On Norms, Lying, and Self-Serving Belief Distortion ECO

02 October 2019

Sheheryar Banuri

University of East Anglia

It’s not all Fun and Games: Feedback, Purpose and Effort ECO

09 October 2019

Junaid Arshad

University of Bologna

Psychological and Social Motivations in Microfinance Contracts: Theory and Evidence CPP

16 October 2019

Toshi Mukoyama

Georgetown University

Firm Growth Through New Establishments ECO

23 October 2019

Robert Ritz

University of Cambridge

Pass-through, Profits and The Political Economy of Regulation ECO

30 October 2019

Chris Starmer

University of Nottingham

Investigating Choice Overload ECO

04-05 November 2019

Mark Roberts

Pennsylvania State University and NBER


Firm R&D Investment and Export Market Exposure ECO / CPP

13 November 2019

Gine Oexl

University of Innsbruck

Do Competitive Incentives in Team Production Lead to More Effort or More Sabotage?  

20 November 2019

Laura Alfaro

Harvard Business School

The Real Exchange Rate, Innovation and Productivity: Heterogeneity, Asymmetries and Hysteresis ECO

27 November 2019

Zheng Wang

De Montfort University


04 December 2019

Marisa Miraldo

Imperial College Business School


11 December 2019

Minyan Zhu

University of Reading

Firm Output, Market Size and Market Power: A Non-parametric Estimation in the GB Residential Mortgage Markets CPP

5 February 2020

G006 (G Block)

Wei Cui

University College London

A Ramsey Theory of Low Interest Rates ECO

12 February 2020

SB 2.47

Jorg Franke

University of Bath


Repeated Contests with Draws ECO

19 February 2020

G006 (G Block)

Edward Cartwright

De Montfort University


Cooperation In A Public Goods Game Increases With Information About Others Social Value Orientation ECO

20 February 2020

SMB 104 Stewart Mason 

Timothy Mathews

Kennesaw State University


Natural Disasters and their Impact on Cooperation Against a Common Enemy ECO

26 February 2020

G006 (G Block)

Noah Bacine

University of Oxford


Disrupting Gender Norms with Incentives ECO

4 March 2020


Christian Haefke

New York University

Long Live the Vacancy ECO

11 March 2020


Charles Howell 

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Market Heterogeneity And The Relationship Between Competition And Price Dispersion: Evidence From The Us Airline Market ECO/CPP

18 March 2020

G006 (G Block)

Luis Orea

Universidad de Oviedo

Does land consolidation promote livestock production and combat rural depopulation? A Difference-in-Difference analysis of Asturias´ parishes ECO/CPP

25 March 2020

G006 (G Block)

Emili Grifell Tatjé

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Dual Productivity Analysis. A Konüs/Shephard Approach CPP

29 April 2020


Jo Biesebroeck

KU Leuven and NBER


Productivity, Exporting and Financial Constraints Of Chinese Smes CPP

6 May 2020


Marco Maria Sorge

University of Salerno


13 May 2020

G006 (G Block)

Simone Meraglia

University of Exeter


20 May 2020


Marcello Morciano 

University of Manchester


More seminars will be scheduled in due time. For information about any of the Economics seminars, please contact Dr Anna Rita Bennato, who organises the series.

2019 Seminars

Date Presenter Title
06 June 2019 Sascha Becker, University of Warwick TBA
06 June 2019 Fran Azpitarte, Social Sciences On the Robustness of Multidimensional Counting Poverty Orderings
23 May 2019 Saheed Bello  TBA
17 May 2019 Jordi Brandts, Barcelona GSE Workshop on Behavioural Sciences
17 May 2019 Jordi Brandts, Institute for Economic Analysis-CSIC; Simon Gaechter, University of Nottingham; Shaun Hargreaves Heap, King's College London 1st Behavioural Decision Sciences (BeDS) Workshop
08 May 2019 Ali Moghaddasi, SBE  TBC
27 Mar 2019 Anna Rita Bennato, SBE Learning by (not) doing
19 Mar 2019 Jordi Ripollés, Department of Economics and Institute of International Economics, Jaume I University Petrol stations and retail fuel prices: The puzzling effects in the Spanish market
12 Mar 2019 Letizia Giorgetti, University of Milan The impact of submarket concentration in the US pharmaceutical industry in 1987-1998
11 Mar 2019 John Gathergood, University of Nottingham Naïve buying diversification and narrow framing by individual investors
27 Feb 2019 Petr Harasimovic, SBE Optimal monetary policy, least squares learning, and the zero bound to interest rates
20 Feb 2019 Deni Mazrekaj, Leuven University Effort in education and its drivers
12 Feb 2019 Subhasish Chowdhury, University of Bath The Central Influencer Theorem & Pre-planning and its Effects on Repeated Dishonest Behavior: An Experiment 
06 Feb 2019 Richard Kneller, University of Nottingham ICT and capital biased technical change

30 Jan 2019

Hylke Vandenbussche, Leuven University Global Value Chains, Trade Shocks And Jobs: An Application To Brexit

2018 Seminars

Date Presenter Title
12 Dec 2018 Jess Russell Exploring the effects of crime-related factors on subjective well-being in the UK
12 Dec 2018 Professor Francesca Arnaboldi (University of Milan) “Board diversity reforms: Do they matter for EU bank performance?”
11 Dec 2018 Thanaset Chevapatrakul (Nottingham University) “Business-Linkage Volatility Spillovers Between US Industries”
05 Dec 2018 Deni Mazrekaj, KU Leuven The impact of class size on academic underachievement: an education production function framework
28 Nov 2018 Jess Russell, Loughborough University TBC
21 Nov 2018 Professor Guido Erreygers, University of Antwerp Measuring and defining health poverty
20 Nov 2018 Lina María Restrepo-Plaza, Universidad del Valle DEPORPAZ: Lessons Learned from a Behavioural Change Methodology applied to a Post-Conflict Training Program
07 Nov 2018 Massimo Filippini, ETH Zurich The impact of energy audit on energy efficiency of Swiss households
31 Oct 2018 Davina Bird, Loughbrough University Refunding Add-ons in a Duopoly
24 Oct 2018 Ricardo Sousa, Economic and Market Analysis Division External debt composition and Domestic Credit Cycles
10 Oct 2018 Bill Greene, NYU Stern School of Business Incidental parameters
03 Oct 2018 Luis Orea, Oviedo University Infrastructure, resource allocation and productivity growth. A mutually consistent decomposition of intra and intersectoral effects
28 Sept 2018 Christos Genakos, Cambridge University Competition and pass-through: Evidence from the Greek islands
26 Sept 2018 Ahti Salo, Aalto University Portfolio Optimization of Decision Strategies with Endogenous Uncertainties
26 Sept 2018 Apoorva Gupta, Nottingham University R&D and firm growth during bad times
04 July 2018 Angela C.N. Mjojo, SBE Doctoral Researcher Economics Group PhD Seminar: Financial Shocks and Real Economic Fluctuations in Developing Countries: Empirical Evidence from Four African Countries
06 June 2018 Maria Nieswand, SBE Doctoral Researcher Voting and the Relative Efficiency of Public Enterprises
30 May 2018 Mia Dinh, SBE Doctoral Researcher Economics Group PhD Seminar
22 May 2018 Mardi Dungey, University of Tasmania The role of China: Catch up and interactions between two open economies (joint work with Denise Osborn)
16 May 2018 Oleg Badunenko, Portsmouth University Energy Spending and Health Satisfaction: Evidence from the British Household Panel Survey
25 Apr 2018 Frederick S. Ahiabor, SBE Doctoral Researcher How political and legal institutions shape the terms of project finance loans
17 Apr 2018 Philip Wales, ONS Management practices and productivity in Britain: first results from the Management and expectations survey
12 Apr 2018 Professor Antonio Jose Morales, Universidad de Malaga Price competition, collusive equilibria and nominal illusion
11 Apr 2018 Stefan Seifert, University of Bonn An offer that you can't refuse? Agrimafias and Migrant Labor on Vineyards in Southern Italy
28 Mar 2018 Frederick S. Ahiabor, SBE Doctoral Researcher How political and legal institutions shape the terms of project finance loans
19 Mar 2018 Upasak Das, University of Pennsylvania Gender differences in mathematics performance: Evidence from rural India
14 Mar 2018 Nadzeya Laurentsyeva, CEPS, Brussels Emigration and Firm Productivity: Evidence from the Sequential Opening of EU Labour Markets
07 Mar 2018 Carlo Reggiani, Manchester University The Dynamics of Online Hotel Prices and the EU Booking.Com Case
28 Feb 2018 Hazwan Haini, SBE Doctoral Researcher Financial inclusion and gender empowerment of Indian MFIs: A two-stage double bootstrap approach
27 Feb 2018 Takayoshi Nakaoka Utilization of Soft Information on Bank Performance: The Roles of Relationship Lending in Competitive Local Markets
14 Feb 2018 Paolo Agnolucci, Institute for Sustainable Resources, University College London Impact of Climate Change on Trade of Agricultural Commodities
14 Feb 2018 Maria Nieswand, School of Business and Economics, Loughborough University To restructure or not? Evidence from Eastern and Western German Electricity Distribution Operators

2017 Seminars




5th February 2018 Professor Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameeva, Kedge Business School, Bordeaux, France

Co-organised by the CPP
Data Envelopment Analysis for the Analysis of Economic Efficiency and Environmental Performance: The Case of the French Wine Sector
11th January 2017 Kai Sun, State University of New York, Binghamton (USA)

Co-organised by Economics and the CPP
Semiparametric Smooth Coefficient Estimation of a Stochastic Production Frontier System
8th February 2017 Simona Rasciute and Dr Jon Seaton

Co-organised by Economics and the CPP
Economics Workshop
22nd February 2017 Andrea Isoni, Warwick Business School

Co-organised by Economics and the CPP
Nudge Awareness: The Effect of Good and Bad Defaults
8th March 2017 Edward Manderson

Co-organised by Economics and the CPP
The Impact of Energy Costs on Trade
15th March 2017 Greg TaylorOxford Internet Institute, Oxford University

Co-organised by Economics and the CPP
Application Bundling in System Markets
6th April 2017 Adel Hatami-Marbini, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium

Co-organised by Economics and the CPP
Modeling Centralised Resources Allocation and Target Setting using DEA
26th April 2017 Albert Banal-Estanol, City University London and Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain

Co-organised by Economics and the CPP
Production Intermittence in Spot Electricity Markets
10th May 2017 Christopher SpencerAnna Rita Bennato and Vitor CastroLoughborough University Economics Workshop - Find out more here: Economics Workshop - 10th May 2017
16th June 2017 Ricardo SousaUniversity of Minho, NIPE and LSE Alumni Association

Co-organised by Economics and the CPP
Macroeconomic Environment, Securitization and Housing Finance Characteristics: On the Determinants of the Housing Market Cycle
12th July 2017 Justin TumlinsonLUL

Co-organised by Economics and the CPP
Why do individuals become entrepreneurs? 
18th October 2017 Kym Brown, Monash University

Co-organised by Economics and the CPP
Persuasion in Islamic Finance
28th November 2017 Ian Wooton, Strathclyde, and Visiting Prof of Microeconomics in SBE
Kate Hynes, University College Dublin 
Daniel Gravino, Loughborough University
Tax competition between national governments for footloose multinationals: Economic perspectives
13th December 2017 Thomas Sampson, London School of Economics

Co-organised by Economics and the CPP
The Productivity Slowdown and the Declining Labour Share: A Neoclassical Exploration

For information about any of the Economics seminars, please contact Dr Jonathan Seaton, who organises the series.

2016 Seminars




7th December 2016 Luke Garrod, Anthony Glass and Karligash Glass Economics Workshop
22nd November 2016 Joel Stiebale, Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Economics (DICE)

Co-organised by Economics and the CPP
Acquisitions, Markups, Efficiency, and Product Quality: Evidence from India
9th November 2016 Guido Erreygers Recent Research on Socioeconomoc inequality of health
19th October 2016 David Saal, Dr Huw Edwards and Simeon Coleman, Loughborough University Economics Workshop
22nd April 2016 Marcin Kaperczyk, Business School, Imperial College London Chasing Private Information
20th April 2016 Thanaset Chevapatrakul, Nottingham University Business School Return Asymmetry and the Cross Section of Stock Returns
9th March 2016 Victor Murinde, Birmingham University Business School
Finance and development: Have We crossed over into the twilight zone?
4th March 2016 Julian Williams, Durham University Business School REALIZED RECOVERY: An Efficient Algorithm Fir Extracting the Expected Physical Distribution of Asset Prices from Intraday Options Prices (Fabio Massacci, Julian Williams, Yang Zhang)
2nd March 2016 Maurizio Zanardi, Lancaster University Suspiciously Timed Trade Disputes