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Decision Sciences Seminars

The Decision Sciences Seminar Series cuts across the discipline groups at the SBE, with researchers speaking on a wide set of topics concerning decisions and data

2019 Seminars

Date Presenter Title Organiser

06 February 2019

12-1:30 PM

Richard Kneller

University of Nottingham

 ICT and capital biased technical change CPP

06 February 2019

2-3:30 PM

Naoum Tsioptsias


Learning from wrong simulation models in the era of simplification SP-RIG

12 February 2019

12-1:30 PM

Subhasish Chowdhury

University of Bath

The central influencer theorem & pre-planning and its effects on repeated dishonest behaviour: An experiment  ECO / BDS-RIG

13 February 2019

3-4 PM

Jennifer Stromer-Galley 

Syracuse University

The datafication of the American voter and the future of mass-targeted campaigning CIM

20 February 2019

12-1:30 PM

Deni Mazrekaj

Leuven University

 Effort in education and its drivers CPP

20 February 2019

1-2 PM

Emilio Lastra-Gil

London School of Economics

Effects of ICTs on agriculture in developing countries: The case of Mexico


20 February 2019

2-3:30 PM

Gilberto Montibeller


A critical analysis of multi-criteria models for the prioritisation of health threats


27 February 2019

1-2:00 PM

Enrico Biffis

Imperial College London

Security posture design in conflict areas: Evidence from Iraq MSO

06 March 2019

1-2 PM

Marta Stelmaszak

London School of Economics and Political Science

Big data analytics and organisational change: Transforming business school teaching through learning analytics  CIM

11 March 2019

12-1:30 PM

John Gathergood

University of Nottingham

Naïve buying diversification and narrow framing by individual investors ECO/AF / BDS-RIG

12 March 2019

12-1:30 PM

Letizia Giorgetti

University of Milan

The impact of submarket concentration in the US pharmaceutical industry in 1987-1998 ECO / CPP

15 March 2019


Carl Miller

O3C Advisory Board Member


20 March 2019

2-3:30 PM

L. Alberto Franco


Studying behaviour in operational research (OR) interventions: A review BDS-RIG

26 March 2019

Anna Rita Bennato


Learning by not doing BDS-RIG

01 May 2019

12-1:30 PM

Takayoshi Nakaoka Analysing the productivity and profit effects of mergers and quantitative easing in the Japanese banking industry CPP

01 May 2019 


08 May 2019

12-1:30 PM

Ali Moghaddasi



17 May 2019

All Day

Jordi Brandts
Institute for Economic Analysis-CSIC

Simon Gaechter
University of Nottingham

Shaun Hargreaves Heap
King's College London

 1st Behavioural Decision Sciences (BeDS) Workshop ECO

22 May 2019

12 PM

Professor Awais Rashid

University of Bristol 

“Everything is Awesome!!!” or is it? Cyber Security Risks in Critical Infrastructure



6 June 2019

12-1:30 PM

Sascha Becker

University of Warwick


Early 2018 Seminars

Date Presenter Group Title
14-Feb-18 Dr Maria Nieswand, School of Business and Economics, Loughborough University CPP To Restructure or Not? Evidence from Eastern and Western German Electricity Distribution Operators
21-Feb-18 Dr Thomas Jun, Design School, Loughborough University SP-RIG Diagrams for Systems Thinking in Healthcare Incident Analysis – Usability and Utility
27-Feb-18 Dr Takayoshi Nakaoka CPP Utilization of Soft Information on Bank Performance: The Roles of Relationship Lending in Competitive Local Markets
03-Mar-18 Professor Simon French, Department of Statistics, University of Warwick MSO Decision Analysis, the Chernobyl Accident and Behavioural OR
14-Mar-18 Dr Melody Ni, Department of Surgery, Imperial College MSO Supporting the Development of Diagnostic Tests: Experiences of NIHR London In-vitro Diagnostics
14-Mar-18 Dr Nadzeya Laurentsyeva, CEPS, Brussels CPP Emigration and Firm Productivity: Evidence from the Sequential Opening of EU Labour Markets
19-Mar-18 Dr Upasak Das, University of Pennsylvania CPP Gender Differences in Mathematics Performance: Evidence from Rural India
22-Mar-18 Professor John Fowler, Arizona State University, USA SP-RIG The Use of Simulation in Genetic Algorithms
11-Apr-18 Dr Stefan Seifert, University of Bonn CPP An offer that you can't refuse? Agrimafias and Migrant Labor on Vineyards in Southern Italy
12-Apr-18 Professor Antonio Jose Morales, Universidad de Malaga CPP Price competition, collusive equilibria and nominal illusion
17-Apr-18 Dr Philip Wales, Office for National Statistics CPP / ECO Management practices and productivity in Britain: first results from the Management and expectations survey 
25-Apr-18 Dr Juuso Liesiö, Aalto University, School of Business MSO Spatial Multi-Attribute Decision Analysis: Axiomatic Foundations and Incomplete Preference Information
09-May-18 Dr Jaap Bos, Maastricht University CPP Passing the buck: Tax distortions and credit crunches
16-May-18 Dr Oleg Badunenko, University of Portsmouth CPP / ECO Energy Spending and Health Satisfaction: Evidence from the British Household Panel Survey
22-May-18 Professor Mardi Dungey, University of Tasmania CPP / ECO The role of China: Catch up and interactions between two open economies (joint work with Denise Osborn)
22-May-18 Raimo P. Hämäläinen, Professor Emeritus, Aalto University MSO Path dependence in Operational Research — How the modelling process can influence the results
23-May-18 Stephan Onggo, Associate Professor SP-RIG The Applications of Agent-Based Simulation in Agri-Food Supply Chain

Late 2018 Seminars

Date Presenter Group Title
06-Jun-18 Dr Maria Nieswand, School of Business and Economics, Loughborough University CPP Voting and the Relative Efficiency of Public Enterprises
12-Jun-18 Professor Paul Fishwick, Distinguished University Chair of Arts and Technology (ATEC) and Professor of Computer Science, UT Dallas, USA Organised by the School The Art and Science of Modelling: A Decision Sciences Lecture 
26-Sep-18 Ahti Salo, Aalto University  CPP Portfolio Optimization of Decision Strategies with Endogenous Uncertainties
28-Sep-18 Christos Genakos, Cambridge University CPP Competition and pass-through: Evidence from the Greek islands
03-Oct-18 Michael Higgins & John Ladbrook SP-RIG Advancing the Application of Discrete Event Simulation within Ford Motor Company
03-Oct-18 Luis Orea, Oviedo University CPP Infrastructure, resource allocation and productivity growth. A mutually consistent decomposition of intra and intersectoral effects
10-Oct-18 Dr Panos Tziogkidis, Plymouth Business School, University of Plymouth MSO A two-step approach for identifying the optimal innovation policy direction
10-Oct-18 Bill Greene, NYU Stern School of Business CPP Incidental parameters
17-Oct-18 Professor Yoshizaki MSO Visual Interactive Modelling for Spatial Logistics Decisions
07-Nov-18 Massimo Filippini, ETH Zurich CPP The impact of energy audit on energy efficiency of Swiss households

Petros Chamakiotis, University of Sussex

CIM/IBSI Commitment and Value Creation in Online Health Communities: Insights from MedicineAfrica

Dr Daniel Guimarans
Aviation Academy, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

LTA RIG ‘Hybrid simheuristics for road and air transportation’
05-Dec-18 David Saal CPP  Modelling Firm Level Network Utility Costs with an Average System Model
05-Dec-18 Deni Mazrekaj, KU Leuven CPP The impact of class size on academic underachievement: an education production function framework
05-Dec-18 Max Moulin, Sheffield Business School MSO From snow ploughs to addressing childhood obesity – Improving the implementation rate of OR projects

2017 seminars

Date Presenter Group Title
22-Feb-17 Dr Valentina Ferretti, Department of Management, London School of Economics and Political Science MSO Biases in Spatial Decisions? A Behavioural Experiment
01-Mar-17 Dr Milosz Kadzinski, Institute of Computing Science, Poznan University of Technology MSO Multiple Criteria Decision Aiding in Action: Using the Diviz Software
09-Mar-17 Dr Harvey Maylor, Associate Fellow, Saïd Business School, Oxford University MSO Understand, Reduce, Respond: Project Complexity Management Theory and Practice
16-Mar-17 Dr Ketan Shankardass, Associate Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada CIM Stresscapes: How Can Information Systems Facilitate a Place-based Approach to Addressing Problems of Community Stress?
29-Mar-17 Professor Gerald Midgley, Centre for Systems Studies, Business School, University of Hull MSO Moving Beyond Value Conflicts: Systemic Problem Structuring in Action
05-May-17 Christina Jane Phillips SP-RIG Using Participative Modeling and Simulation to Reduce Uncertainty in a Complex Manufacturing Environment
17-May-17 Peter Gardner, Loughborough University VDP-RIG An Assessment of Visual Tools for Operational Team Decision Making
07-Jun-17 Professor Martin Eppler & Dr Elitsa Alexander University of St. Gallen, Switzerland MSO Visual Facilitation: Research and Practice 
13-Jun-17 Michael Mustafa, University of Nottingham Malaysia MSO Corporate Entrepreneurship Activity and its Determinants: Evidence from Kenyan SMEs
25-Jul-17 Prof. Arash Azadegan, Rutgers University, Business School, Centre for Supply Chain Management and Director of Supply Chain Disruption Research Lab, USA MSO and LTA-RIG Conventional and Integrated Business Continuity: Effectiveness in Facing Supply Chain Disruptions
01-Nov-17 Professor Theodor J Stewart, University of Cape Town and Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester MSO Roles of Multicriteria Decision Analysis in Public Sector Strategic Planning
01-Dec-17 Dr Martin Kunc, Associate Professor of Management Science at Warwick Business School SP-RIG Recent Developments in System Dynamics Methodologies