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Xuetong (Mabelle) Chen

Photo of  Xuetong (Mabelle) Chen

Doctoral Researcher in Information Management

Xuetong (Mabelle) is a PhD student in the Department of Information Science at Loughborough University, joining on a full time studentship in Januaray 2016. She has a broad information science background, gaining an undergraduate Information Management and Information System degree from The University of Science and Technology Beijing in 2014 (BSc) and a Master’s degree in Information Technology from the Department of Computer Science at Loughborough University in 2015 (MSc).

Her current research focuses on sentiment analysis ontology, supervised by Prof Tom Jackson and Dr Martin Sykora. 

Research Interest:

Ontology, Sentiment Analysis, Social Media,

Information Management, Information System,

Data Mining, Machine Learning.


Research Plan:

Currently finalising her research plan for her PhD research project.



Prof. Tom Jackson

Dr. Martin Sykora



Thesis Title/Topic:

Topic: Sentiment Analysis Ontology