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Sibi Markose

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Doctoral Researcher in Management Science and Operations

Did MBA at the University of Northampton in Operations Management (Distinction). Did MA in Sociology, and Post Graduate Diploma in Public Relations and Journalism. I hold a degree in Economics at the Undergraduate level. Worked as Editorial Research Assistant and HR Assistant at a large media group (India), HR and Operations manager at an IT & ITES company (India).

Research Interest: Disinvestment of government stock in public sector companies is a trend across the world as it is believed to bring qualitative as well as quantitative benefits to the stakeholders by capitalising the management expertise. However, examples such as National Investment and Savings says that even private participation cannot guarantee success unless management strategies are well defined and effectively administered. New management streams such as lean management aims to keep the organisation productive and profitable eliminating all forms of wastes. The question is how effective these new paradigms in regulated environments. My research is to find answer to this question taking the example of a large public sector company (regulated) in the UK.

Research Plan:

My research is a case study following a mixed method approach. This research will be testing research questions to find the effectiveness of lean management principles in regulated environments.


  • Professor Zoe Radnor (Visiting Professor)
  • Dr Nicola Bateman (external: Leicester, still registered)
  • Ian Hodgkinson 

Thesis Title/Topic:
Lean in a regulated environment: The case of Royal Mail

Soriano-Meier, H., Forrester, P., Markose, S., and Garza-Reyes, J.A (2011) The role of the physical layout in the implementation of lean management initiatives. International Journal of Lean Six Sigma. Vol. 2 No. 3, pp. 254-269.