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Pol Arias-Melia MSc in Operational Research, University of Edinburgh

Photo of  Pol Arias-Melia

Pol Arias is a PhD researcher at Loughborough University, beign supervised by Prof Jiyin Liu and Dr Rupal Rana. The title of his research is 'Workforce Scheduling and Vehicle Sharing to Reduce Carbon Emissions and Improve Service Quality'.

Prior to this Pol earned a MSc in Operational Research at the University of Edinburgh. He did his MSc thesis in NICTA (Sydney) with the supervision of Dr Daniel Guimarans and Dr Roberto Rossi. Moreover, during his PhD he has visited CIRRELT (Montreal) with the supervision of Prof Gilbert Laporte. 

Research Interests:

  • Optimisation
  • VRP
  • Scheduling
  • Mathematical programming
  • Algorithms

Pol’s main research interest nowadays is focused on combinatorial problems such as vehicle routing and scheduing problems and how to efficiently solve them. Pol has worked prior to his PhD on this topics (Rich Vehicle Routing Problem) publishing in top-rated journals such as ACM Surveys.

He has previously worked on air transportation related problems, such as the aircraft recovery problem, boarding strategies and turnaround problem. All of them have led Pol to present in international conferences.

Last but not least, Pol is working on how to do hybridisation of optimisation techniques such as: mixing constraint programming (CP) with large neighbourhood serch, metaheuristics with mathematical programming, or optimisation techniques with simulation.


Professor Jiyin Liu and Dr Rupal Rana


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