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Peter Gardner

Photo of  Peter Gardner

Doctoral Researcher in Management Science and Operations

Peter is an experienced Chartered Manager and has worked in a variety of management roles with the main focus being continuous and organisational improvement. This has involved working in diverse industries that include aviation, engineering, transport, and broadcasting. One of Peter’s most recent projects has helped bring visibility throughout an organisations supply chain.

Peter holds an MBA from the School of Business and Economics at Loughborough University and is currently working towards his PhD (Part Time) in Visual Management. 

Research Interest:

Visual Management

Peter’s research interest is in Visual Management and how this can support decision making by the use of visual tools. He is a member of Loughborough University’s Visual Decision Practices Research Interest Group and the Centre for Service Management.

Research Plan:

Peter is currently transcribing and analysing his research data, and working towards writing his finished thesis.


Thesis Title/Topic:

How effective is visual management in supporting decision making when used in a service sector environment.