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Lynne Newbitt

Photo of  Lynne Newbitt

Doctoral Researcher in Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour

Lynne is a part time PhD researcher at Loughborough University.

Previously, she completed an MBA (with merit) and a HND in Computing at De Montfort University.

Along with her studies, she also works as the End User Computing Manager within the IT Services department at Loughborough University.

Research Interest:

Lynne’s research interest is focused on the evolution of career paths and the how practitioners in the field of IT perceive career changes following the introduction of servitization.  With practical and academic experience in this realm, the content of her PhD is aimed at contribution to both practitioners and academia.


Research Plan:


My PhD is part time and started in August 2018.  In 2019/2020 I will look to collecting data via in-depth interviews and surveys. Coding will be done by using Nvivo. I am planning to submit my final thesis in 2023.



  • Dr Clive Trusson
  • Prof John Arnold


Thesis Title/Topic:

The Evolving Career in IT Service Work: A Longitudinal Study