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Davina Bird

Photo of  Davina Bird

Doctoral Researcher in Economics

Davina is pursuing a PhD in Economics.  Prior to beginning her research in October of 2017, Davina worked in the energy industry as a business analyst for two years with a start-up.  

Between 2012 and 2015, she served as a coordinator and assistant for activities between the US and China promoting cleaner energy technologies and taught as an adjunct professor in the Business and Economics Department at California University of Pennsylvania.

She received her prior degrees in the US, which include a Master of Science in Agriculture & Natural Resource Economics from West Virginia University and a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies from Dartmouth College.


MSc in Agriculture & Natural Resource Economics (West Virginia University) and BA in Environmental Studies (Dartmouth College)

Research Interests:

  • Applied game theory
  • Behavioural economics
  • Behavioural industrial organization


Research Plan:

  • To provide better insights to policymakers, business leaders and other decision-makers regarding the impacts of market interventions. Specifically, understand the interaction between consumer policy and market competition via effects on both consumer and producer behaviour, analyse how policy can benefit society by enhancing competition, and identify conditions where policy generates adverse effects on competition.



Dr Chris Wilson and Dr Luke Garrod


Thesis Title/Topic:

The Effects of Consumer Protection Policy on Market Competition.