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Alqaas Chaudhry

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Doctoral Researcher in Economics

Alqaas obtained a first-class honours (BSc) Economics from Loughborough University in 2012 and a MSc in Economics from the University of Warwick in 2013. Alqaas returned to Loughborough university in January 2015 to start a PhD with the focus of macroeconomic policy in developing countries. Specifically, the focus of his PhD will focus on how remittances affect fiscal and monetary policies in these countries and the subsequent effects on macroeconomic policy regimes.

Alqaas views these studies as important part of his career to help him become a competent researcher in the future with the use of relevant data, literature and advanced macroeconomic/econometric theory with new and upcoming econometric techniques.

Research Interest:

Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Bayesian DSGE modelling, Bayesian VAR analysis, Markov regime-switching models, New Keynesian DSGE models, remittance shocks, "Dutch Disease" effects, Exchange rate effects, International Competitiveness, Fiscal space.

Research Plan:

Obtain datasets from developing countries who are depend on remittance inflows.

Study the effects of remittance inflows on Macroeconomic policies in these countries with the use of remittance shocks (Impulse response function analysis).



Dr Ahmad Hassan Ahmad

Dr Simeon Coleman


Thesis Title/Topic:

Remittances and the effects on Macroeconomic policies in developing countries