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Alfred Ignatius Ajayi

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Doctoral Researcher in Management Science and Operations

I am a part-time PhD student at Loughborough School of Business and Economics. I am researching cloud computing technologies in emergency management domain. The research will empirically investigate the major factors attributable to successful deployment of cloud computing solutions in emergency management domain.

My background is within the information technology field and I have many years of experience in mostly technical roles such as System Engineer, Technical Account Manager, Pre-Sales and Consultancy. I currently work for a hardware and software vendor whose products are deployed by 98% of the fortune 500 companies.

My interest in academic research was heightened by the research I conducted in partial fulfilment of the requirements of the Sheffield Hallam University for the award of degree of Master of Science (Information Technology & Management).

In the last decades, we have witnessed a continuous maturity of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). And today, ICT has become an integral part of diverse human activities. The notion that in coming years, cloud computing will transform computing into utility for end-users, businesses and organizations makes it both challenging and exciting area to research.

My vast research interests include cloud computing and business alignment; cloud computing and non-governmental organizations (NGOs); cloud computing and emergency management; cloud computing and governmental organizations; information systems; corporate strategy; leadership and organizational behaviour.

Research Plan:

Both qualitative and quantitative methods will be used.

I started collecting data in 2013 and it will be concluded in 2014.

I will conduct data analysis in 2015 using Nvivo and SPSS.

I will submit and defend my thesis in 2016.


Dr. Lili Yang & Professor Malcolm King.

Thesis Title/Topic:

An Exploratory Study of the Success Factors and the Achieved

Outcomes of Cloud Computing Deployment within the UK NHS Trusts

“Global Emergency Management System Framework”

Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Automation & Computing, Loughborough University, UK.