Our doctoral researchers

We are passionate about the research we do here at Loughborough and have built a dynamic research community that inspires talented researchers from around the world to explore research questions that matter – both at the forefront of academic debate and in addressing the challenges faced by policymakers and the world of business. Each of our doctoral researchers belongs to one of our seven academic groups.

Accounting and Finance

Adil Fazil
Supervisors: Vivian & Eliwa
Dissertation Title: 'Corporate governance and firm performance: The moderating effect of national governance quality.'

Babkir Bechir Mahamat
Supervisors: Vourvachis & Asimakopoulos
Dissertation Title: 'Conflict Mineral-Related Disclosures and the Accountability of NGOs in the UK: A Multiples Theoretical Perspective.'

Danny Dekker
Supervisors: Vivian & Grubnic
Dissertation Title: 'Impact European Taxonomy on Financial Markets.'

Idi Isa
Supervisors: Raffoni, Herbert & Holland
Dissertation Title: 'Creating and Preserving Organisational Value from Data Analytics: The Role of Business Partners in Bridging Data Science and Business Facing Managers.'

Jing Yang
Supervisors: Zhao & Kapuz
Dissertation Title: 'Ex post crowdfunding and enduring business: a cash flow perspective.'

Kasim Ahmed
Supervisors: Calice & Lagna
Dissertation Title: 'Stress testing the UK banking system: An analysis of potential Brexit impacts on the UK banking industry and the consequence to its capital adequacy ratio. A detailed proposal is attached within the application to explain the research in detail.'

Menatulla Mohamed
Supervisors: O'Sullivan & Eliwa
Dissertation Title: 'The Effect of Corruption Perception level in Developing Countries on Compliance to IFRS 7 Disclosure.'

Michail Giannoulakis
Supervisors: Vivian & Yfanti
Dissertation Title: 'Macroeconomic Drivers of Non-Performing Loans in Europe.'

Nam Mai
Supervisors: Vourvachis & Grubnic
Dissertation Title: 'The Impact of the UK's Modern Slavery Act (2015) on the disclosure of the FTSE 350 Companies.'

Ruma Khanam
Supervisors: Vourvachis & Grubnic
Dissertation Title: 'Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programs of Islamic Banks on Social and Community Developments in Bangladesh.'

Sally Ahmed
Supervisors: O'Sullivan & Eliwa
Dissertation Title: 'The Relationship Between Earnings Quality and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): The UK Evidence.'

Xiaolin Ye
Supervisors: O'Sullivan & Glass
Dissertation Title: 'To analyse the relation among exchange rate exposure and risk avoidance for enterprises in telecommunications industry to operate in international market.'

Wenjin Han 
Supervisors: Tee & Li B
Dissertation Title: 'To analyse the relation among exchange rate exposure and risk avoidance for enterprises in telecommunications industry to operate in international market.'

Yanran Wang
Supervisors: Zhao & Gong
Dissertation Title: 'Relationship Between Quality and Sentiment.'

Ziyu Ye
Supervisors: Zhao, H, Liu (Frank)
Dissertation Title: 'Effects of Mixed Psychological Factors on CEOs Corporate Financial Decisions.'

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Saad Abdullah Abu Alim
Supervisors: Calice & Castro
Dissertation Title: 'Corporate governance and firm performance: The moderating effect of national governance quality.'

Christabel Adansi
Supervisors: Ahmad & Coleman
Dissertation Title: 'Effectiveness of Monetary Policy in Sub Saharan Africa.'

Aycan Akoglu
Supervisors: Rasciute & Downward
Dissertation Title: 'Life satisfaction and unemployment, implications for future policy decisions: analysis using longitudinal panel data.'

Portia Mma Akolgo
Supervisors: Ahmad, Wood & Adetutu
Dissertation Title: 'Financial Inclusion for Inclusive Growth and Economic Development in West Africa: Evidence of Women in Northern Ghana.'

Randa Al-Tayan
Supervisors: Ahmad & Coleman
Dissertation Title: 'Analysis of Risk Management Framework of Banks for managing financing to SMEs.'

Saheed Bello
Supervisors: Saal, Robertson & Nieswand
Dissertation Title: 'Business Analytics for Public Services and Regulated Industries: New Techniques for Analytics-Driven Decision Making in Traditional Industries.'

Davina Bird
Supervisors: Garrod, Wilson & Russo
Dissertation Title: 'The Effects of Consumer Protection Policy on Market Competition and Business Behaviour.'

Alizee Cambier
Supervisors: Bennato, Fatas & Giulietti
Dissertation Title: '(Un)ethical Behaviour and Competition'

Yihui Cao
Supervisors: Triebs, Tumlinson (London) & Sickles
Dissertation Title: The Professor Robin Sickles' Studentship: Selection and Sorting in Education

Qi Chen
Supervisors: Edwards & B Gao
Dissertation Title: 'Wage Inequality, Unemployment and Skilled-Biased Technology Change (SBTC) in the Global economy.'

Elisa Deffenu
Supervisors: Spencer & Pentecost
Dissertation Title: 'Developing and Testing New Measures of Exchange Market Pressure.'

Petr Harasimovic
Supervisors: Milne & Trzeciakiewicz
Dissertation Title: 'The optimal design of monetary policy within the framework of a micro-founded, New Keynesian type model.'

Nkenchor Igue
Supervisors: K Glass, Coleman & A Glass
Dissertation Title: 'The Impact of Regulation on Microfinance in Nigeria.'

Yasmin Jarron
Supervisors: Saal & Nieswand
Dissertation Title: 'System Optimisation and Performance Measurement in Network Industries.'

Fatima Abdullahi Jika
Supervisors: K Glass & Wood
Dissertation Title: 'The Roles of Regulation and Supervision of Financial Institutions and Competition in the Financial Sector for Inclusive Growth.'

Esmie Koriheya Kanyumbu
Supervisors: Green, Sirichand & Wood
Dissertation Title: 'Banking System Liquidity Management, Interbank Market and Effectiveness of Monetary Policy in Malawi.'

David McNulty
Supervisors: Milne & K Glass
Dissertation Title: 'An investigation into the influence of regulatory environments upon financial crises and vice versa.'

Rieman Rudra
Supervisors: Castro & Calice
Dissertation Title: 'Asset Pricing Model - Mispricing and Sentiment Factors.'

Kedibonye Sekakela
Supervisors: Pentecost & Ahmad
Dissertation Title: 'Productivity Growth and its Determinants in Botswana: The Role of Fiscal Policy and the Financial System.'

Nurzhan Ussenbayev
Supervisors: Ahmad & Pentecost
Dissertation Title: 'Exchange Rate Modeling.'

Amit Verma
Supervisors: Saal, Giulietti & Upul (Science)
Dissertation Title: 'Understanding the Potential of Hydrogen Technology Adoption in a Complex Changing Energy System.'

Thomas Woodhead
Supervisors: Spencer & Castro
Dissertation Title: 'How innovation in the upstream hydrocarbon industry impacts currency exchange.'

Yupei Wu
Supervisors: Edwards, Gao & Valero
Dissertation Title: 'Bank Competition and Export Quality.'

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Information Management

Akintola Olubunmi
Supervisors: Kawalek & Lagna
Dissertation Title: 'Improving Blockchain Based Digital Identity Platforms to Achieve Sustainable Development and Economic Growth'

Rachel Armitage
Supervisors: Skyora, Tileaga (Comms & Media), Vaccari (Comms & Media)
Dissertation Title: 'Combating Political Misinformation and Disinformation Sharing on Social Media'

Richard Berry
Supervisors: Kawalek & Goutas
Dissertation Title: 'Policing, Safety and Security within the Internet of People'

Anthony Dawson
Supervisors: Jackson, Kawalek & Wilcockson (Sport)
Dissertation Title: 'A Multi Modal Study of the Human Computer Interface'

James Lappin
Supervisors: Jackson, Kawalek & Wilcockson (Sport)
Dissertation Title: 'How Can Important Email Correspondence Best Be Captured, Governed and Preserved Over Time?'

Jihao Lin
Supervisors: Holland & Argyreis
Dissertation Title: 'An Analysis of Consumer Search Behaviour Using Decision Analytics and Clickstream Data in the European Airline Market'

Stephen Manders
Supervisors: Spanaki
Dissertation Title: 'The Impact of Industry 4.0 in Agricultural Supply Chains'

Dimitrios Ntounis
Supervisors: Spanaki & Jayawickrama
Dissertation Title: 'Business Model Innovation(BMI): The COVID-19 Impact on the Future of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)-centric Omnichannel Blockchain Business Platforms & the Ecosystem of Betting & Gaming organisations. A Study on the UK Betting & Gambling Industry'

Frances Awele Okolo
Supervisors: Ravenwood, Simeonova & Matthews
Dissertation Title: 'Exploitation of business archive assets'

Oluwatunmike Ireoluwa Olowe
Supervisors: Kawalek & Odusanya
Dissertation Title: 'A Critical Analysis of Reactive Criminal Investigations Using AI'

Omotolani Olowosule
Supervisors: Spanaki & Stacey
Dissertation Title: 'From Emotions to Decisions: Towards a Mindful Security Approach for the Cloud'

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International Business, Strategy and Innovation

Wole Adaramoye
Supervisors: Wilson & Trusson
Dissertation title: 'Towards an Understanding of Chief Information Officers' Perceptions and Responses to Disruptive and Emerging Technologies'

Ahmad Kh S Alessa Alquina'E
Supervisors: Hughes & Mayasandra-Nagaraja, Simeonova
Dissertation Title: 'The Longevity of Successful Multi-generational Family Firms'

Nehad Sayed Ali Saeed Ali
Supervisors: Hughes & Svystunova (London), Zhang (London)
Dissertation Title: 'The Longevity of Successful Multi-generational Family Firms'

Ilias Gerogiannis
Supervisors: Zimmermann and Wilson
Dissertation Title: ‘Gloabl Strategy’

Weiyao Hong
Supervisors: HughesCadogan and Joao Oliveira
Dissertation title: 'Entrepreneurial Orientation and Organisational Performances: Analysing the Mediating Effects of Market Orientation and Organisational Learning'

Christina Kotsaki
Supervisors: Georgiadou, Panicker & Hughes
Dissertation Title: 'The impact of corporate governance structures on SME internationalization: evidence from the UK'

M Hassan Krkjie
Supervisors: Richey & Brooks
Dissertation Title: 'Posttraumatic Identity Construction among Refugee Entrepreneurs in the UK'

Simbarashe Madzima
Supervisors: Chizema & Hodgkinson
Dissertation Title: 'The Role of Corporate Governance on Agility'

Francis Olatoye
Supervisors: Crick & Hughes
Dissertation Title: 'Internationalization of technology start ups in emerging economies (potential of start ups to scale in size and internationalize)'

Linus Kharym Roth
Supervisors: Hughes & Corsi
Dissertation Title: 'An Investigation into Multinational Corporations Readiness for Global Innovation'

James Saker
Supervisors: Wilson & Brooks
Dissertation Title: 'Developing a typology of Christian Values in Business'

Mette Brünnich Von-Deden
Supervisors: MasieroRavishankar & Lee
Dissertation title: 'The Role of Digital Technologies in Refugee Integration'

Heling Wang
Supervisors: Hughes & Georgiadou
Dissertation title: ' An Exploration of Fidelity as a Necessary Condition for Capability Replication and Transfer Practice in Family Firm Internationalisation'

Junyu Zhou
Supervisors: Hughes & Simeonova
Dissertation title: 'Technology Entrepreneurships: Research into the Optimal Technology Integration Process for Product Innovation'

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Management Science and Operations

Luke Bellamy
Supervisor: Choudhary and Papaioannou
Dissertation Title: 'Advanced analytics for carbon efficient and resilient supply chain decision making'

Ursula Davis
Supervisor: Choudhary and Papaioannou
Dissertation Title: 'Operational research and mathematical modelling techniques in resource management'

Zirui Feng
Supervisors: Papaioannou and Mandania
Dissertation Title: 'Predicting the impact of natural disasters to supply chain recovery plans of large businesses'

Richlove Frimpong
Supervisors: Li and Jiao
Dissertation Title: 'Choice-modelling based booking controls for urban car sharing networks'

Peter Gardner
Supervisor: Franco
Dissertation Title: 'To what extent do operational performance measure drive improvement in the sector'

Chengzi Hu
Supervisors: Li and Tee
Dissertation Title: 'The Pricing of Foreign Exchange Volatility in the Capital Market'

Tianqi Hu
Supervisors: Leppanen and Franco
Dissertation Title: 'Motivated Cognition in Structured Decision Processes'

Naami Sharma
Supervisors: Mandania and Liu
Dissertation Title: 'Market analysis of ferry travel to develop of real time dynamic pricing models'

Vidura Sooriyaarachchi
Supervisors: Liu and Mandania
Dissertation Title: 'Scheduling and Routing Electric Vehicles to Perform Service Jobs'

Naoum Tsioptsias
Supervisors: Tako and Robinson 
Dissertation Topic: 'What and How can we Learn from Wrong Models?'

Chenguang Wang
Supervisors: Li (Dong) and Li (Baibing)
Dissertation Title: 'Switch or Not? Resource Scheuling in Emergency Responses aftermath Mass Casualty Incidents'

Junlin Wu
Supervisors: Podinovski and Argyris
Dissertation Title: Incorporating ratio measures in the data envelopment analysis models: An application to English secondary schools

Hanjing Zhang
Supervisors: Tako & Jackson (AAE)
Dissertation Title: 'Optimised Demand Modelling'

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Marketing and Retailing

Ruby Appiah-Campbell
Supervisors: IfieMichaelidou & Cadogan
Dissertation Title: 'Exploring the Influences of Customer Experiences on Frontline Employee Experiences: An Empirical Study of the Banking Sector of Ghana in West Africa'

Nicholas Barker
Supervisors: Story & Holland 
Dissertation Title: 'The Antecedents and Consequences of Coopetition-Oriented Behaviours: Insights from Resource-Based Theory'

Shaimaa Doma
Supervisors: Story & Mousavi 
Dissertation Title: 'Applying Gamification To New Product Development'

Chencan Geng
Supervisors: Cadogan & Story
Dissertation Title: Value Ambiguity and Product Innovation Performances in the Context of Customer Value Proposition

Klaudia Magdelena Kania
Supervisor: Soopramanien & Michaelidou
Dissertation Title: 'Schematic Analysis of Car Independence and it's Disadoption'

Esther Mensah
Supervisors: Crick & Story
Dissertation Title: 'The Antecedents and Consequences of Coopetition-Oriented Behaviours: Insights from Resource-Based Theory'

Cesar Moreno
Supervisors: Oliveria, Dewsnap & Mousavi
Dissertation Title: 'How the role and influence of social networks and opinion leaders affect consumers buying decisions adopting new products in local communities'

Artemi Tonikidou
Supervisors: Hughes & Souchon
Dissertation Title: 'Leveraging Organisational Learning in New Product Development: The Role of Improvisation'

Boya Wang 
Supervisor: Michaelidou & Soopramanien
Dissertation Title: 'Does Loyalty Programme Work in China: An Empirical Study of Grocery Retail Market in China' 

Pijak Pakhunwanich
Supervisors: Prof Vicky Story and Prof John Cadogan
Dissertation Title: 'The role of entrepreneurial orientation in the relationship between product proliferation and business performance'

Junyi (Amy) Xie
Supervisors: Ifie & Gruber
Dissertation Title: 'Keeping mindfulness in mind - Exploring the role of mindfulness in frontline employee experience (FLEE) and job-related outcome'

Flippo Zanasi 
Supervisors: Cadogan, Hughes & Dewsnap
Dissertation Title: 'The Definitions, Antecedents and Impact of Field Salesperson Ambidexterity'

Dandan Zhu 
Supervisors: Michaelidou, Cadogan & Dewsnap
Dissertation Title: 'Customer Exzperience in Multi Brand Retailing: What's its Significance for Customer Loyalty?'

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Work and Organisation

Chloe Gough
Supervisors: Coyne & Munir (SSEHS)
Dissertation Topic: 'Design, Development and Evaluation of a Dignity at Work Toolkit'

Narmin Guliyeva
Supervisors: Dietl & Selenko
Dissertation Topic: 'Exploring the Bright and Dark Side of Narcissism at Work'

Jessica Ijebor
Supervisors: Casey & Sage
Dissertation Topic: 'Fitting in without fitting in: Female authenticity in engineering'

Helen Sara Johnson
Supervisors: Sage & Selenko 
Dissertation Topic: 'Fitting in without fitting in: Female authenticity in engineering'

Nina Jorden
Supervisors: Trusson & Sage
Dissertation Topic: 'How is People Analytics Chaning Human Resource Management Practices?'

Mark Langdon
Supervisors: Arnold & Selenko
Dissertation Topic: 'Assessing the impact of Jobcentre Plus adviser interventions enhanced through behaviour change theory'

Srivanitha (Vani) Naik
Supervisors: Sage & Casey
Dissertation Topic: 'Understanding gender in engineering academia: Developing a nuanced perspective of gender inequalities across engineering disciplines'

Lynne Newbitt
Supervisors: Trusson & Arnold
Dissertation Topic: 'The evolving career in IT service work: A longitudinal study'

Selina Surguy
Supervisors: Casey & Selenko
Dissertation Topic: 'Societal and environmental issues: empowering organisations to recognise and take responsibility for their societal and environmental obligations'

Nicola Tanner
Supervisors: Travers & Fletcher (SSEHS)
Dissertation Topic: 'Leading Mindfulness Based Physical Exercise – helping teachers to improve wellbeing, resilience and performance'

Joel Warburton
Supervisors: Arnold & Selenko
Dissertation Topic: 'When Person-Occupation Fit Falls Down: Understanding Why Some Poor Fits Are Happy in Their Line of Work and Some Good Fits are Not'

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