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Decision Sciences

The School of Business and Economics is a leader in research in Decision Sciences. Our researchers are found across our seven discipline groups, conducting research in the private, public and third sectors, providing both theoretical and data-based tools for decision makers.

What is Decision Sciences?

The emergence and rapid rise of social media, cloud and mobile-based services, big and small data and a growing digital economy have added to our present-day era of ever-increasing complexity within decision making.

These complexities present massive challenges, but are also opportunities for government, organisations, society and individuals. Opportunities for innovative business models and operating environments, and for making use of the data that surrounds us to better understand our customers, stakeholders and employees.

In addition, many strategic decisions involve high stakes, uncertainty, multiple stakeholders and conflicting objectives, which require robust and rigorous empirical and theoretical analysis and decision frameworks to help decision and policy makers make informed decisions.

Engage with us

Decision sciences provide rigorous approaches for helping executives to make decisions ranging from forecasting sales, through optimising staff rosters and supply chain operations, to strategic decision-making in complex environments.  Decision sciences provide the basis for consistently making good decisions (decisions that make the best use of the available information and following high-quality decision processes).

Using modelling and prediction, we help individuals and organisations turn both masses of everyday information, and more specialised quantitative and qualitative data, into actionable insights.

Alongside leading decision sciences research, we also offer a number of taught modules on decision sciences aimed at Undergraduate level through to a Master's programme and Executive-level short courses. In addition, we have a large number of Doctoral Researchers conducting their research on decision sciences topics.

We invite you to engage with us, and we welcome the opportunity to discuss programmes and research projects that may benefit your organisation.