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23 Nov 2022

Trading simulation brings theory to life for BSc Finance and Management finalists

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Students working at laptops.

Last week our final year BSc Finance and Management students took part in a trading simulation using live market prices and professional software as part of their Part C Financial Trading module.

Building on their Part B Financial Markets and Derivatives module, students gained a more holistic and hands-on appreciation of how markets work and were given an opportunity to better understand the roles of market maker, trader and fund manager. They experienced how the buy and sell sides meet in terms of transacting trades in financial markets. They also gained valuable insights into how trading systems work in terms of placing and executing orders.

The module was delivered by Amplify Trading, with the simulation run by two recent graduates from the School of Business and Economics:

  • George Backhouse, BSc Economics and MSc Finance
  • Sam Allen, BSc Business Economics and Finance

Students from the module commented:

“I really enjoyed the three days with Amplify. It allowed a more practical experience of financial markets and learning by doing that traditional lectures can’t always offer.

“It definitely built on the foundations that have been discussed in previous modules. The simulations provided a practical aspect to the understanding of sell and buy sides, with the final day offering a more realistic approach to trading with the live trading day. It was good to learn about trading psychology and how it affects us, which can only really be experienced when having positions in the market, even if it isn’t real money.

“Overall it was a brilliant experience.”

Aaron Warren

“The sessions were good overall and a fun experience; it was nice to have two former students on days one and two. Piers had a lot of industry knowledge and experience, which was helpful for those applying for graduate jobs.

“The simulations were fun and exciting, and everyone seemed to enjoy them – they weren't too hard to use and were relatively realistic.

“Overall I think the experience is something very useful that added value to our course. The Amplify team were very helpful to all students.”

Jake Wilson

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