School of Business and Economics


13 May 2022

Alumna Rene to release workplace toolkit for Black students and professionals

Rene Germain (International Business 2016) is set to release her book, Black and Great: The workplace toolkit, a careers book for Black students and professionalson 12 May.  

In 2017, she created the Instagram account, 'Blk and Great', celebrating Black achievements and highlighting issues within the community. She co-created the viral hashtag #blackintheoffice to enable Black British employees to anonymously share their experiences of racism and discrimination in UK workplaces, prompting apologies from well-known organisations and contributions from Black employees around the world.  

Rene regularly contributes to and drives online conversations about the Black workplace experience and has written for several online publications which include,, HuffPost UK, and Cosmopolitan UK.  

Black and Great is the first guide to specifically address the unique challenges many Black people face in the workplace. The book will share the career journeys of more than 20 successful Black British professionals and entrepreneurs from TV and film, sport, media, law, medicine, and finance through open letters and interviews. Providing advice to Black students and professionals, it will address topics such as overcoming imposter syndrome, mentorships, wider community outreach, personal branding, and salary negotiation.