School of Business and Economics


1 Aug 2018

Dr Kai Hong Tee invited to give keynote speech at APEF

The Asia-Pacific Conference on Economics and Finance (APEF) is held every year in Singapore, consistently attracting participants from top universities in the region, including Xiamen University from China and Sungkyunkwan University from South Korea (currently 100 the QS ranking).

This year, Dr Kai Hong Tee, Senior Lecturer in Finance at the School, was invited as a keynote speaker based on his research on hedge funds’ strategies and the financial crisis.

Dr Tee’s discussion included the impact of quantitative easing implementations on hedge funds’ strategies in the foreign exchange market and its implication on market liquidity.

Conference speakers include academic as well as industry leaders, encouraging conversations, discussions and collaborations. This year, Dr Olga Loiseau-Aslanidi from Moody’s Analytics (sister company of Moody’s, the credit rating company) was invited to give a speech on the latest US protectionist policy and its effects.