School of Business and Economics


15 Aug 2017

Studying Business at Loughborough University increases average graduate salaries by more than £7,000

SBE student writing at a desk

In the latest edition of The Economist, a new ranking showing graduate earnings five years after completing their UK degree places Loughborough University in the Top 5 for Business graduates' salaries. 

The Economist's statistical model compares graduate median earnings of UK university students against the median for all students to assess the value-added by studying for a degree.

Business degrees at Loughborough University’s School of Business and Economics are ranked 5th out of 113 British universities overall, and of 53 institutions that positively impacted Business graduates’ average earnings. With a value-added figure of £5,000 more than the average £2,754, the methodology also measures how well universities perform compared with the average institution.

Outcomes were based upon the Department for Education’s (DFE) recently published “longitudinal education outcomes” data, which is used to create estimates of graduates’ expected earnings. The analysis of the difference between predicted and actual amounts that students earn reflect each university’s boost to graduate salaries.

Speaking about Loughborough’s high ranking, the Dean for the School of Business and Economics, Professor Stewart Robinson, said:

“The latest data from The Economist confirms how well our students perform in the job market, attracting some of the highest salaries among Business School graduates.  This is founded on the outstanding quality of education and student experience that Loughborough offers.”

To read the full article in The Economist, click here.