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19 Jun 2017

SBE Masters students make it to the final of X Culture project

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Two Masters students on the International Management programme, Mingxin Wang and Serena Dri, recently made it to the final of the X Culture project with their teams included in the best 12 out of 902.

X-Culture is a large-scale international experiential learning project, with over 4,000 students from 120 universities participating each semester.  In X culture, students work together in international virtual teams of 4-6 students who are located in different countries across the globe. For eight weeks, these virtual teams have to work on real-life international business challenges presented by corporate partners. The aim of the project is to allow students to thereby learn about the challenges and best practices of international virtual team work, and acquire skills of intercultural communication, virtual team work, and coordinating work across time zones.

The student's module leader, Dr Angelika Zimmermann, was also chosen as one of the '30 Best X-Culture Educators' out of overall 167 instructors. The prize was based on an evaluation of 124 instructor and class performance indicators. 

She had to say of the success: 

"Taking part in X culture has been an important step in making our MSc teaching yet more relevant to practice. The skills required for working across distance, time zones, and cultures cannot be fully trained in the classroom, but this experiential team exercise allows students to face the challenges of such team work first hand, and to learn how to cope with them. For me as an instructor, it was a pleasure to see my students do so well and enjoy this project."

Congratulations all!