School of Business and Economics


26 Oct 2017

Dr Alex Wilson awarded C-ABS Research Fellowship and publishes industry report.

Alex Wilson

Dr Alex Wilson awarded C-ABS Research Fellow has report on Strategic Groups of UK Business Schools published by the Chartered Association of Business Schools.

Dr Alex Wilson is a Lecturer in Strategy at the School of Business and Economics and his research interests include the role and purpose of management education and the legitimacy of business schools.

His recent report on Strategic Groups of UK Business Schools was recently published by the Chartered Association of Business Schools (C-ABS), which gives an analysis of the strategic position of business and management education providers within the Higher Education sector.

Concerning the number and nature of competitive groups of business schools within the industry, the report addresses the current (2016/2017) relative position of the schools by examining the strategic similarities and differences between providers of management education in the UK. It identifies the diverse nature of UK business schools and raises questions about how they might grow and develop.

The report’s findings will be discussed with UK Deans at the C-ABS Annual Conference. The discussion will be facilitated by Professor Simon Collinson (Chair, Chartered ABS) with a guest contribution from Professor Howard Thomas (Distinguished Professor, Singapore Management University).

For a full read of Alex’s report, click here.