School of Business and Economics


15 Jun 2016

SBE graduate launches Kickstarter campaign for virtual strategy game Victus: Rewrite History

Graphics from Victus Game: Rewrite History!

Todor Todorov graduated from the School of Business and Economics in 2014 with a BSc in International Business. On returning to his home country of Bulgaria, he and a friend founded Victus Games Studio. Since then they have been working on their debut title Victus: Rewrite History, an MMO (massively multiplayer online) strategy game.

Victus is an attempt to challenge the issues faced by larger MMO producers by creating a game with, according to their Kickstarter campaign, "balanced economics, a humorous tone of voice and non-gameplay-breaking monetization, offering ways to develop style of play". The game allows the user to create the ultimate empire through building ancient civilisations and giving orders to historical leaders like Ramses, Julius Caesar and Leonidas.

Todor and team launched a Kickstarter campaign for two reasons: to build and develop an online community of players, and to offer the company some financial security to continue to create and improve their products.

You can donate to the campaign and read more about the game here: