School of Business and Economics


20 Jul 2016

New skills training for service organisations

New to the SBE and CSM this year is the launch of a research-led qualification framework for service organisations called SOMS (Service Operating Model Skills).

Developed from research by CSM Deputy Director Dr Nicola Bateman and CSM member Rosamund Chester Buxton, SOMS is designed to help specify the skills required for organisations and individuals to effectively design, implement and maintain operating models.

SOMS supports organisations that deliver management training by auditing their material against the framework; these accredited organisations can then award their own SOMS certificates to clients and staff. 

The first organisation to be accredited and deliver SOMS training is the OEE, which has since gone on to train the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS).

Nicola said:

We developed the SOMS framework because there was a clear need for organisations to be able to train and accredit their people to create and manage operating models to an approved structure. SOMS is based on a significant amount of theory and practical experience, and we expect this approach to become industry best practice.

To find out more about SOMS, please visit the SOMS website or email, or if you would like to speak about your own or your organisation's needs, contact Roasmund Chester Buxton at