School of Business and Economics


5 Dec 2016

SBE Lecturer has paper published in Oxford Development Studies Journal

Dr. Silvia Masiero

Lecturer in International Development, Silvia Masiero, new to the SBE, has had a paper published by the journal Oxford Development Studies which looks at how perception of the state by the poor and marginalised is mediated by digital technology, as it affects the social safety nets on which disadvantaged citizens rely.

Silvia's research is based on eight months of fieldwork in the slums and villages of Kerala, India, a state in which the Public Distribution System (PDS), which is the main food security programme in the country, is being computerised. The paper also deals with the effects of biometric recognition in anti-poverty programmes, currently debated quite strongly by the public opinion, which is therefore "very apt timing, considering India's most recent delevelopment policy," says Silvia. 

Silvia said of her paper: 

Digitisation is at the heart of India's current anti-poverty agenda and plays a major role in embodying the nation's policy decisions on social safety schemes. The importance and timeliness of the paper lie in how it unpacks the perceptions of digitality by recipients in resource-constrained environments, in particular by the poor and vulnerable as recipients of anti-poverty measures.

 You can read the full paper here: