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20 Oct 2016

Loughborough University signs new three year partnership with Santander

VC Robert Allison and Matt Hutnell

This week, Loughborough University and Santander Universities UK have signed a new agreement to support a further three year partnership worth £435,000. 

This funding will allow the University to offer Santander Universities scholarships and mobility scholarships to students and staff who will be travelling for research purposes to countries within the Santander Universities network. Additionally, this new agreement will support sport scholarships and sports team sponsorship. 

Student and graduate enterprise ventures will also be given funding as well as to the Loughborough Student's Union focusing on the development of their International Student Groups encouraging the inclusion of students from all countries and subject area. Plus,  further £30,000 has been donated to support internships and placements through 2016/17. 

This partnership stems back to 2008 and since then Santander Universities UK has donated over £1.4 million to Loughborough University to fund a variety of initiatives. 

The Vice-Chancellor of Loughborough University, Professor Robert Allison and Director of Santander Universities UK, Matt Hutnell, formally signed the agreement in an event hosted by the University.

Professor Robert Allison celebrated the news saying: 

We are absolutely delighted to be working with Santander Universities UK for another three years. The relationship with Santander Universities is very special to us at Loughborough and we are particularly proud of all that has been achieved through it.

Matt Hutnell of Santander Universities added:

After 8 years of partnership between Loughborough and Santander the benefits that this relationship has brought to the university community are widespread around campus. Loughborough is an innovative institution and has always been open to new projects from Santander such as our SME Internship programme or our support to entrepreneurs.