School of Business and Economics


23 May 2016

EU-funded water management research workshop attracts global audience

Consortium partners at the event

Chaired by Dr Lili Yang (a Reader in Information Systems and Emergency Management),  the School of Business and Economics hosted a half-day open event to introduce the Integrated Support System for Efficient Water Usage and Resources Management (ISS-EWATUS) on 5th May 2016.

This three-year EU-funded 2.4 million euros project is tasked with the design, implementation and evaluation of an integrated set of smart ICT solutions to wasteful water practices at household and urban level. Consortium partners from the UK, Poland and Greece presented interim findings at the event.

The Household Decision Support System is digital wireless information system which monitors household water consumption through each individual water appliance. On the basis of data retrieved, consumption feedback will be presented to households, via a mobile app which utilises spatio-temporal data to provide users with relevant water saving tips.

A water diary function enables monitored households to attribute specific water use events to individual members. In addition, a survey-based water user classification function presents a water identity which highlights where wasteful water use habits or inefficient household appliances are incompatible with a consumer’s environmental values.  

ISS-EWATUS’ social media module ( is conceived as a forum for interaction between water consumers and water providers and other stakeholders across Europe and globally. The website offers gamification, information and picture sharing and has links to Twitter and Instagram. 

There were about 50 people attending the open event from different schools cross the campus as well as other universities in the UK. Presentations from the experts attracted audience engagement and questioning.      

In addition to attendees from across the UK, the event was broadcast internationally, via Skype. Dr Giliad Fortuna, the Head of the Industrial Excellence Centre in Samuel Neaman Institute in Haifa in Israel thanked the organiser for the opportunity to engage and remarked, “I appreciated and enjoyed the collaborative research and innovation of the team.” 

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