School of Business and Economics


13 Jan 2016

In recognition of SBE’s e-learning champions

student starting an online quiz Student in class

Five academic staff members from the School of Business and Economics (SBE) have been working over the last year on individual e-learning projects. These activities were part of the schools e-learning strategy, aiming to provide support and dedicated time for the academics to develop their understanding of the potential for e-learning in their modules.

These e-learning ‘champions’ chose a particular area linked to one of their taught modules, for which they wanted to develop the appropriate technology to engage further (and better) with their students.

The project leaders were:

  • Dr Maxine Clarke wanted to provide an online facility that allows students to upload information, such as newspaper articles alongside a written summary of their submission. These submissions would then be marked online as part of the student’s coursework submissions.
  • Dr Kai Hong Tee aimed to improve students’ effectiveness in their learning, via self-assessed practice questions made available on LEARN, the University’s online learning portal.
  • Dr Dan Sage wanted to encourage students to read beyond lecture notes and textbooks in order for them to develop their critical thinking around concepts and key debates related to the lecture content. The project involved the use of an electronic ‘pinboard’ (Lino) to facilitate collaborative discussions and presentations around journal article readings on the Sociology of Work module.
  • Professor Baibing Lee aimed to provide a better and more interactive way for the students to participate the teaching/learning process during his lectures. He delivered his modules with ‘lecture tools’ software to engage and interact with his students.

The e-learning champions felt that the benefits included; having time to explore the potential of their chosen area of e-learning and to be fully supported by the Centre for Academic Practice (CAP) and the SBE E-learning Team.

The project was led by Philip Wilkinson-Blake, Director of IT and E-Learning for the SBE, and was concluded with an E-learning Champions Showcase, which was supported by IT Services, CAP and the SBE E-learning Team.

More than 40 staff attended the event, at which the e-learning champions shared their experiences and findings.

Video and lecture capture technology was used to share the best practice with other colleagues across the University.

The data findings are now being analysed by the SBE E-learning Team and will be shared with other schools in the future.

For more information about this project, please contact Philip Wilkinson-Blake.