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21 Apr 2016

Dr Yang to give talk at the Innovative Emergency Services Forum

Dr Yang

Dr Lili Yang has been invited to give a talk in the Innovative Emergency Services Forum, which is being held today (21st April 2016) in Manchester. This will be the 6th Forum in the series and organised in partnership with the Police, ICT Company, The Cabinet Office's ResilienceDirect Team and BAPCO. The target audience includes national and local government, as well as the police, fire and ambulance services.  

Dr Yang will present her latest research achievements on 'How emergency services can best benefit from the era of Big Data and Internet of Things’. Based on the features of emergency response operations she recommends that the task-technology fit analysis (TTA) could be a power vehicle to identify what kind of the technologies the emergency response operations require. Several applications of new technologies in her research will be presented.

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