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19 May 2016

Bankers working with Loughborough University

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On Friday, 20th May and Saturday, 21st May the Centre for Post-crisis Finance and the Centre for Professional Work and Society are jointly hosting the Professional and Ethical Standards in Banking Conference. This conference has been organised by Professor Alistair Milne, CPCF Director.

Professor Milne said:

In the eight years since the onset of the global financial crisis there have been many examples of banks and their employees falling below expected standards of behaviour. As a result the challenge of ensuring high standards of behaviour in banking has become a central policy issue.

In the UK the Banking Standards Review under former Financial Times editor Richard Lambert has led to the creation of a banking standards board with the remit of promoting both higher standards of behaviour and promoting better professional education. The Bank of England has conducted a review of market behaviour (The Fair and Effective Markets Review) which also highlights the role of corporate governance, corporate culture and individual responsibility in ensuring markets work to the benefit of final customers.

The conference, which is being supported by the Bank of England and the Chartered Bankers Institute, will bring together researchers and practitioners working on banking ethics and culture, with the aim of improving the understanding of the issues involved and of what responses by both banks and policy makers can achieve better outcomes.

The keynote address will be by leading American economist Professor Ed Kane, Professor of Finance at Boston College's Carroll School of Management, USA.  Kane is a founding member of the Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee and has served for 12 years as a trustee and member of the finance committee of Teachers Insurance. Currently, he consults for the World Bank and is a senior fellow in the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s Center for Financial Research.

In conjunction with this event, the conference sponsors, the Chartered Bankers Institute, are running an associated event today, 19th May, focused on professional education in banking. This event is being run at Cass Business School in London. For more information about this event, head to the website here.

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