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3 Apr 2019

SBE student Keita Orelaja scores with his popular new app Skouted

Keita Orelaja

Current SBE student and Loughborough University rugby player Keita Orelaja is the co-founder of Skouted, a free app that puts footballers front and centre to help scouts find their next star players.

Keita Orelaja co-created Skouted, alongside ex-Man United player Fabien Brandy, computer scientist Harjot Singh and entrepreneur Raj Sharma, during his third year spent on the Year in Enterprise scheme at Loughborough University after discovering the big gap between players and clubs.

Keita said:

“There's a high number of talented players that can be missed by clubs and scouts due to time or geographical location. So that means a lot of players aren't able to play at the level that their talent will allow them.”

The Skouted platform provides the opportunity for footballers from various levels to be scouted for a team they had no prior connection to simply by creating a profile, which showcases their talent in action through video snippets.

Fabien Brandy commented:

“If they had Skouted, all their videos will be uploaded and all the teams from Premier League to non-league would be able to see that individual's qualities.”

Scouts can then monitor, save and scan through hundreds of profiles on the database and even filter search results to players’ geographical location, position and player style. This allows scouts to evaluate a myriad of players in the same time it would take to assess a single player.

Keita Orelaja added:

“It allows lower clubs more access to a lot more talent that otherwise they may not have been able to reach because of funding.”

Keita and his co-founders are hoping that Skouted will be more than just a platform for scouts – they would like to see it as an online go-to site for all things football.

Interest in the Skouted platform has already been quite high, with articles appearing in the Daily Mail, The Sun and Forbes, and with several clubs already confirming they will be using the app.

Skouted will be launching soon – you can stay up to date with news and information about the app via the website Skouted.co.uk and Instagram.

The Year in Enterprise scheme at Loughborough University is an option for all students interested in spending a year developing a business or charity, and is run by Dr Amanda Berry at the School of Business and Economics.

Amanda Berry said of Keita:

“Keita has made huge progress with his business since starting the Year in Enterprise, and it’s great that he is getting recognition in the national media.

“Keita is a great example of what a student can achieve when they have a good idea, useful contacts and the initiative and passion to follow it through.”

Third-year students at the School are also given the option of securing a professional placement or studying abroad, but the Year in Enterprise option is fast becoming very popular with students across the University who have start-up or social enterprise ambitions.