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9 Jul 2019

SBE graduate saves climber’s life in the Himalayan mountains

Nirmal Purja

SBE graduate and former special boat service member Nirmal Purja was descending the world's 10th highest mountain, Annapurna in the Himalaya's, for his Guinness World Record-breaking climb of 14 mountains in 7 months, Project Possible, when he volunteered to tie himself under a rescue helicopter to save a climber who had been lost on the mountain for two days.

Nirmal explained:

"Because the altitude is too great, we had to do a 'longline rescue' - literally hanging underneath the helicopter and then dropped close to the site."

With Nimal's quick thinking and actions, he led a rescue team of four to save the 49-year-old climber, Dr Chin, who sustained injuries but is now recovering in hospital.

"I did go and visit him in hospital before I continued with my attempt. He is now with his wife and the medical experts, and I wish him a good recovery."