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4 Jun 2019

Should gift giving be about your loved ones or the planet's health?

Petros Vourvachis

Father’s Day, graduation ceremonies, weddings and birthdays…they all have two things in common: they’re coming up over the next few months and they involve gifts.

So, what will dads get this June, a pair of socks? Ties they will never wear? A mug with a cheesy message on it about them being the best?

Yes, granted, everyone does love socks, but have you ever considered how damaging generic and seemingly half-hearted gifts can be to the environment and their ethical implications?

As part of the Environment Campaign, we've collated the latest planet-friendly gift giving advice from Loughborough University experts Dr Kerri Akiwowo, a Lecturer in Textiles, and Dr Petros Vourvachis at the School of Business and Economics, whose research looks at corporate social responsibility and environmental accounting.

A benefit of gift giving is that it arguably contributes to social wellbeing; we feel good buying gifts for those we care about and we also value receiving them too. We just need to consider the dangers of overdoing the exchanging of presents, says Dr Vourvachis.

The School of Business and Economics academic looks at a range of issues presented by gift giving and explores important questions such as: ‘Who is responsible for ensuring we can be more ethical in our gift giving?’ and, ‘How can we ensure gifts are ethical?’. 

Dr Vourvachis said:

“From an environmental point of view, there are detrimental impacts as a result of consuming potentially scarce resources to produce gifts which can directly and indirectly contribute to climate change.

“People need to consider the ethical implications. Can we guarantee the product was not produced by incriminating human rights such as child labour and bribery?

“We should also consider the ethics behind consumption too. Consider the marketing tactics and psychology used by organisations to encourage people to over-consume, and the stress people feel to buy more and more presents, and to make sure they are the right ones too.”

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