Executive Education


3 Sep 2018

Professor Milne to give keynote speech at the 2018 Indonesian Finance Association annual meeting

Alistair Milne

Professor Alistair Milne is giving the keynote presentation at the annual meeting of the Indonesian Finance Association.

His talk, entitled “Financial Technology, Big Data and Access to Insurance”, will take place during the morning of the first day in Lampung, Indonesia (the meeting covers the 5th and 6th of September).

Professor Milne is a member of the Economics discipline group and Professor of Financial Economics. He is open to supervising doctoral students on the following topics: 

  • bank balance sheet management and regulation and its relationship to banking performance
  • monetary transmission and financial stability
  • the network economics of financial infrastructure, including retail payments and securities and derivatives clearing and settlement
  • liquidity risk, central banking, financial regulation, housing markets, development finance and macroeconomics (within the area of financial risk management)