Executive Education


24 Apr 2017

Professor Liu’s research paper selected for Best Applications Paper

Jiyin Liu

Professor Jiyin Liu recently had his research paper chosen for the Best Applications Paper by IISE Transactions. 

Professor Liu, a Professor of Operations Management, along with colleagues from Northeastern University of China wrote the paper “Research into container reshuffling and stacking problems in container terminal yards” to investigate how important optimising stacking, receiving and reshuffling decisions can be in order to improve the efficiency of the terminal operations.

The academics improved an integer programming model and developed five new effective heuristics for the static problem, which can also be used dynamically whenever the storage location of a container needs to be determined. The model and heuristics determine the best storage location for each incoming and reshuffled container, considering the departure information of all the containers stacked in the same bay as well as the potential impact of the decision on reshuffles in subsequent retrievals.  Tests show that the proposed methods can produce optimal or near-optimal solutions and are superior to the existing model and heuristics.

The research will be recognised for the Best Applications Paper accolade at the Honors and Awards Dinner during the ISERC (Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference) on the 22nd May.