Executive Education


8 Mar 2017

Professor Franco visits Switzerland to give talks on his latest research

Alberto Franco

Recently, Professor L. Alberto Franco visited the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (Eawag) and the University of St Gallen, as part of his study leave activities.

At Eawag he visited the Decision Analysis Cluster, led by Dr Judit Lienert, and gave a research talk entitled “Engaging with Behavioural Operations Research”. At St Gallen he visited the Institute of Media and Communication Management, led by Professor Martin Eppler, and gave two talks: “Visual Decision Practices” and “Visual Framing”. In addition, Professor Franco used the visit to identify areas for future collaborative research projects with both institutions. 

Alberto is a Professor of Management Sciences and more recently, his research lies in making the practice of decision science more ‘visible’. This involves taking a closer look at what practitioners actually do when using decision science methods and tools in the field or the lab, and assess the consequences of these 'doings'.