Executive Education


4 Apr 2017

New project green-lighted by the ESRC's Brexit Priority Funds

Elena Georgiadou

Dr Elena GeorgiadouUniversity Teacher in International Relations and member of the International Business, Strategy and Innovation discipline group at the SBE, along with Loughborough colleagues Professor Helen Drake (PI, PHIR), Dr Borja Garcia (SSEHS), Dr Stijn Kessel (PHIR) and Dr Nicola Chelotti (Loughborough University London) have been awarded a grant of £300,000 from the ESRC ‘s Brexit Priority Funds.

This project's aims are to look into the impact of electoral dynamics in key EU member states on Brexit negotiating positions and produce a real-time mapping of stakeholders. This has the potential to create significant impact in terms of providing inputs to British negotiators and valuable information to the broader society.

The project is also well-positioned to make novel contributions to the scholarly literature on international negotiations. For instance, the project involves the application of innovative theoretical perspectives, such as the role of emotions in international negotiations (for instance, rising populism and Euro-scepticism), which will help better understand the negotiating positions of the EU and its member states.

This research project comprises three multi-stakeholder events, as well as collaborations with external international negotiations consultants. The data collection process features direct engagement with diplomatic and political UK Brexit stakeholders (namely, FCO and DexEU), and input from their equivalents in Brussels and other EU member states.

As part of the grant, themed workshops will be held at Loughborough University's London-based Academy for Diplomacy and International Governance and at the project partner institutions in France and Netherlands.

Dr Georgiadou said:

“It is very exciting to be part of such a dynamic project which establishes a platform for dialogue between Brexit negotiations’ stakeholders and policymakers.

“The project puts the IBSI group and SBE at the forefront of Brexit negotiations, producing real-time information and knowledge on the development of Brexit dynamics. This project will build SBE’s research capacity in international negotiations as well as showcase the strong research base of the IBSI group.”     

Over the next 18 months, Dr Georgiadou, in conjunction with the other co-investigators and project partners, will lead the work of mapping Brexit negotiations’ stakeholders and their needs into a dynamic, living map. She will also contribute, with Dr Chelotti, to the meta-analysis and testing of research questions in the field of EU negotiations theory and practice.