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8 Mar 2017

CSM hosts International Service Innovation in Emerging Markets Workshop

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The Centre for Service Management hosted an inspiring and thought-provoking workshop on the important topic of service innovation in emerging markets.

Emerging markets are expected to provide as much as 75% of the world's growth in the future. Thus, both researchers and practitioners need to be concerned with building knowledge and understanding about how to successfully develop new service offerings for these markets – the workshop was a big step in this direction.

Bringing together thought leaders, established academics, early-career researchers and professionals under one roof provided in-depth insight on this important topic, as well as actionable and practical tools for success in academia.

CSM member and workshop co-organiser Dr Ian Hodgkinson, along with Professors Vicky Story and Thorsten Gruber, commented:

"The presence, enthusiasm and collaborative spirit of this fantastic workshop helped make the workshop both productive and fun. We wish all participants the very best in pursuing their research into service innovation in emerging markets. We would like to specifically thank the Keynote Speakers: Professor Bo Edvardsson, Professor Heiko Gebauer, Professor Javier Reynoso and practitioner speakers Mark Palmer and David Molina. We are also grateful for the invited contributions from Professor Helen Perks and Professor M.N. Ravishankar. Thank you so much for being a part of this event!

"A big thank you goes to our sponsors, without whom this event would not be possible: CSM, Society for the Advancement of Management Studies and Loughborough University. With special thanks recorded to Ruth Cufflin, Higor Dos Reis and everyone else who helped with organising the workshop!"