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25 September 2020

Symposium: Power, Emotions and the Digital World

Presented By Knowledge and the Digital Economy Research Interest Group
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  • London Campus
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About this event

The importance power dynamics in information systems has been emphasised (Markus, 1983; Zuboff, 1988). More recently such issues have been considered with regards to IS implementation (Hekkala and Urquhart, 2013), institutionalization of information systems (Silva and Backhouse, 2003), IS strategizing (Marabelli and Galliers, 2017), power and knowledge dynamics (Pozzebon and Pinsonneault, 2012), IS, strategy, knowledge and power (Simeonova et al., 2019; Simeonova et al. 2020).

 However, despite some notable examples, issues of power remain side-lined in the literature. In addition to the side-lined power issues, the literature remans salient with regards the dynamics between power and emotions in the digital world. Notable examples tackling such important and under-researched issues include: emotions and coping with information technology (Stein et al., 2015), emotions and the use of technology (Beaudry and Pinsonneault, 2010), emotions, power and knowledge (Simeonova et al., 2019; Langner and Keltner 2008; van Kleef et al., 2008), emotions and professional identity construction (Ahuja et al., 2019), emotions and leadership (George, 2000), emotions and strategic change and implementation (Sanchez-Burks and Huy, 2009; Huy, 2011), technostress (Tarafdar et al., 2019; Tarafdar et al., 2020), emotions, power and organizational learning (Vince, 2001).

 The aim of the symposium is to expand the understanding of power and emotions in the digital world, questions and topics of particular interest include:  

  • How does empowerment (disempowerment) occur in digital contexts (e.g., online labor markets, digital platforms, virtual teams)? What emotions supplement the occurring of empowerment (disempowerment) in these digital contexts?
  • What is the role of emotions in practices of systemic and episodic power in digital contexts?
  • How is power inscribed into digital objects?
  • What is the power of intelligent technologies (e.g., learning algorithms, AI)? How should humans interact with these technologies?

 We invite submission of abstracts (1000 words including references) which broadly relate to the aforementioned questions and topics, however, not limited to these. 



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Keynote: Prof. Alain Pinsonneault

Distinguished James McGill Professor




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