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12 March 2019

The Biggest Event in Human History? Mark St John Qualter

Presented By Centre for Information Management, Distinguished Speaker Programme

About this event

Whilst being very much in the media at the moment, artificial intelligence is certainly not new.  From the earliest traces in ancient Greek stories through theoretical development in the 20th century and now into full production and deployment, AI is already playing a part in our lives and its influence is set to grow.  No industry is immune from its touch.  However, rather than see it as something to worry about, we should consider it as a catalyst to improve our lives and potentially create a new division of labour where humans and machines do what they are best at respectively.  We will establish some common definitions and framing and discuss some examples from finance and banking including some of the common ethical questions and there are risks.  Finally, we will draw some parallels and challenges for higher education that could be both positive and disruptive.

Mark St John QualterMark has spent most of his career in banking, carrying out a number of roles from leading regional and national business in Corporate Banking to Head of Strategy for one of the divisions of the bank.  Latterly he has been Head of Artificial Intelligence for Commercial & Private Banking at RBS and established the AI practice in that business.  He is currently a governor of Manchester Metropolitan University and Chair of the Audit Committee .  Mark was also a member of the Yorkshire and Humberside Regional Council for the CBI.

He has an MBA from Manchester Business School and a BA (Hons) in Hindi and Sinhalese from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. 

Mark's interests other than technology and disruption are street, documentary and portrait photography, travel and Krav Maga. 

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