School of Business and Economics


12 July 2019

6th Annual SBE Doctoral Conference (SBEDC) and SBE summer BBQ

Presented By SBE Conference Team
  • Sir Richard Morris Building- Executive Education Area

About this event

Following success of last year's conference, the vision for the 6th Annual SBEDC is to be exceedingly inclusive in terms of:

  1. Showcasing the vast array of research that is being conducted by the SBE doctoral candidates; and
  2. Ensuring that there is a substantial representation of all discipline groups (both academics and doctoral researchers) within the school. 

Furthermore, the 6th Annual SBEDC will provide avenues for the development of SBE researchers and will aim to specifically tailor these development opportunities to doctoral researchers in all stages. These opportunities will provide a chance to build and establish networks with fellow colleagues and academics and to also learn about their research projects and interests.

 There will be three formats for showcasing doctoral research at the SBE Doctoral Conference to ensure researchers at all stages are given the opportunity to present in the provided supportive environment:  

  •  5 Minute Thesis: This format will provide the opportunity for researchers at any stage to present with a limit of 5 slides in 5 minutes. This is an ideal chance for early-stage researchers to present and discuss their initial research ideas and to raise awareness of the research that is being undertaken within the SBE. Feedback will be given and prizes awarded based on the quality of presentation.  
  •  Poster Presentations: Posters prepared by researchers will be featured throughout the day with chances to discuss them during the poster session, breaks and lunch. This gives doctoral researchers the chance to be creative in communicating their research. The cost of printing posters will be covered by the School (details on how to claim this will follow).   
  •  20-minute presentations: There will be 20-minute time slots for presentations, followed by a question and answer session and suggestions for developments. Later-stage researchers can capitalise on this format to showcase their findings/analysis to obtain constructive feedback. Winner and runner-up prizes will be awarded based on year of study.  

Key Points to note:

  • Participation in at least one of the formats is mandatory for first-year doctoral candidates. Second-year doctoral candidates are also strongly encouraged to participate.
  • Participation for third-year doctoral researchers is optional, but it is limited to the 20-minute presentations only.
  • Certificates will be given for participation. Furthermore, prizes and certificates will be awarded to the winners. 

We look forward to seeing you at the conference for the benefit of our SBE doctoral researchers. If you require any further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.