School of Business and Economics


30 January 2018

Exploring Operating Models: SOMS Symposium

Presented By Centre for Service Management

About this event

The SOMS (Service Operating Model Skills) Symposium will provide a thought provoking and inspiring forum for delegates and expert speakers to share ideas about the current state and relevance of operating models, operating model best practice, and the future directions of operating model research.



Arrival and coffee


11.30 Symposium opening and SOMS update from Rosamund Chester Buxton (Centre for Service Management, Loughborough University)
11.45 Session 1
Martin Bartram and Martin McCloskey (OEE Consulting) will utilise a recent case study to host an interactive session exploring some of the challenges faced when applying the theory.  
12.30 Lunch
13.30 Session 2
Dr Nicola Bateman (Associate Professor in Operations Management, School of Business, University of Leicester) will discuss her recently published paper and audit tool on operating models.
14.00 Dr Nicola Bateman will lead a workshop on the operating model audit.
15.00 Refreshments
15.15 Session 3
Andrew Campbell (Director of the Ashridge Strategic Management Centre, Ashridge Executive Education) will lead a session on the outputs of an operating model project: what charts, tables, models, and diagrams should the client/sponsor expect to receive at the end of a design project. 
15.45 Symposium summary and close from Rosamund Chester Buxton (Centre for Service Management, Loughborough University)

 For more information about SOMS, please contact Rosamund Chester Buxton