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6 December 2018

Lunchtime Panel Discussion: Working Collectively towards Social Impact

Presented By School of Business and Economics

About this event

Panel chair: Dr Michelle Richey

Panel members:

The International Business, Strategy and Innovation group warmly invite you to attend a lunchtime panel discussion on collective approaches to achieving social impact.

This panel aims to bring different perspectives on impact into conversation and to explore the potential for a shared measurement of social impact to enable multi-stakeholder collaboration.

As collective approaches to intractable social problems have developed over recent years close alignment around shared impact goals has been the hallmark of some of the most impactful projects. Examples include initiatives tackling student achievement crises (Kanier & Kramer, 2011), a global initiative to reduce malnutrition (Hanley Brown et al. 2012) and a partnership aiming to improve the health outcomes of adolescent girls (Nundy & Chandler, 2015). Yet establishing and maintaining these kinds of collaborative efforts can be fraught with complexity (Nundy & Chandler, 2015; Baker & King Horne, 2016).

This panel will consider how alignment around impact goals can be accomplished by considering four perspectives on the meaning and measurement of social impact. Representing the point of view of policy makers, practitioners, researchers and universities, the discussion will identify areas of tension and potential synergy and highlight best practice for those seeking to develop collective social impact goals.

This event will be available to watch as a Webcast:

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