School of Business and Economics


1 February 2018

LATi GDPR Knowledge Exchange Talks

Presented By LATi

About this event

The LATi GDPR Knowledge Exchange is an intensive afternoon of talks designed for senior decision makers and leaders of technology, scientific, advanced manufacturing and engineering businesses in readiness for operating your business within the new GDPR framework.

The talks will provide an overview of how GDPR is likely to impact technology businesses, including R&D and innovation, product development, sales, marketing, customer relationship management, and day-to-day operations as well board-level decision making.


Prof Mat Hughes of the School of Business and Economics to talk about the changing business landscape, the new challenges business leaders need to address, and how new regulations such as GDPR impact on how the business operates and Board decisions.

Dr Lachlan Urquhart is to provide a high-level overview of key aspects of the legal framework, linking to examples from different tech (cloud, big data/machine learning, social media etc) and highlighting regulatory challenges businesses using such approaches may face.

Dr Lachlan Urquhart is a Research Fellow in Information Technology Law at the Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute, School of Computer Science, University of Nottingham.

Susan Hallam of Hallam Internet will cover the practical implementation required for GDPR and the changes that need to be made, with a focus on digital marketing activities.

Susan has worked in the UK information industry since 1985, and is a recognised leader in the field of digital marketing. She is a regular speaker at industry conferences including SMX, contributes to research published by MOZ, and contributes regularly to the BBC and the traditional press. She is a Freeman of the City of London, a trustee of Nottingham Castle, and is an award winning speaker for Vistage, the world leading organisation of chief executives.

Stuart Muir of Mirams Waterhouse will talk about day-to-day GDPR Operations post 18 May, and answer questions relating to the role of a data protection officer.

Stuart Muir designs and supports management systems for SMEs. Working with a variety of manufacturers and standards: ISO 9001, 27001, 80079-34, ATEX, MET, FM to name a few, he is an expert in preparing tech SMEs for GDPR, acting as a Data Protection Officer and preparing Data Protection Impact Assessment reports. Stuart works with businesses to improve their Information Security Management Systems, Quality Management Systems and their supply chain capability.



Registration and networking (light refreshments)




GDPR - the latest Leadership Challenge (LU SBE)


Privacy by Design - Dr Lachlan Urquhart




Preparing your Marketing function for GDPR - Susan Hallam, Hallam Internet


Day-to-day GDPR Operations - Insights from a Data Protection Officer - Stuart Muir


Panel Q&A session




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