School of Business and Economics


4 July 2018

Institute for Advanced Studies, Loughborough-India Decision Sciences Workshop

Presented By CIM Research Centre and LTA RIG

About this event

About the Workshop

Presentations: We have two visitors from IIT Delhi. First part of the session will focus on opening and fostering collaboration opportunities with India and global challenges facing India in the broader domain of sustainability including Environment, Energy, Food Security, Digital Innovation and logistics and supply chains. A series of short presentations will be delivered by visitors, Centre and RIG Heads.

Attendants will have the opportunity to learn about various research opportunities in these areas not only at IIT Delhi but also engaging with virtual participants from IIM and IISc Bangalore.

 Collaborative research sandpit meeting: The second part of the session will focus on brainstorm ideas and discuss with the visitors and colleagues for a collaboration opportunity in the abovementioned areas. The focus will be to develop research ideas which could be taken forward through research grants, collaborative PhD international exchange, joint publications or involving enterprises from India for Impact activities.  There will be some seed funding available for travel to India this year or next. 

 About SBE-IIT Delhi Decision Sciences Partnership

Decision Sciences is a University ‘Ambition’ led by the School of Business and Economics.  We would like to invite you to join us for the SBE – IIT Delhi Decision Sciences Partnership event. IIT Delhi is the highest ranked technical University in India and SBE’s partner for its one of the five decision sciences global network.  Late last year, a team of senior academic staff including VC Prof. Bob Alison, Pro-VC (R) Prof. Steve Rothberg, Dean(SBE) Prof. Stewart Robinson, Director of CIM Prof. Peter Kawalek and Dr Alok Choudhary visited IIT Delhi to launch this partnership. Since then, we have several academic and PhD exchanges with IIT Delhi (see a recent blog by our PhD Student).

IIT Delhi provides us with a platform to not only build our research with India’s top institution but also acts as a hub to connect/facilitate collaboration with top management universities such IIMs and others from across India due to its central location as a capital city.

About Visitors and Virtual Participants from India

 Prof. Ravi Shankar is the "Amar S. Gupta Chair Professor of Decision Science" at Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi India. He is also the Honorary Visiting Professor of Decision Science at School of Economics & Management, Loughborough University, UK. His areas of interest include Decision Sciences, Business Analytics & Big Data, Operations & Supply Chain Management, Sustainable Freight Transportation, Sustainable Supply Chain etc. He has co-authored more than 400 research papers and 06 books.

 Prof. P. Vigneswara Ilavarasan is an Associate Professor at the Dept. of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. He researches and teaches about production and consumption of information and communication technologies (ICTs) with a special focus on India. His specific research interests are Information and Communication Technologies & Development (ICTD); Indian IT industry; and Social Media. He is also a Research Fellow at LIRNEasia, a regional ICT policy and regulation think tank. He has received large research grants from IDRC (Canada), Govt. of India, Oxford Analytica (UK), IPTS (European Commission) and IdeaCorp (Philippines). His present teaching interests include: Management Information Systems; E-Commerce; Social Media.

 In addition, there will be three virtual participation from the following:

Prof. N. Viswanadham is an emeritus professor at Indian Institute of Science, and worked at National University of Singapore, and Indian School of Business. He was the former Co-Director of Logistics Institute Asia Pacific at NUS Singapore before moving to IISc and ISB India.

Prof. M K Tiwari is Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering at IIT Kharagpur (the oldest IIT In India) and a Honorary Visiting Professor at Wolfson School, Loughborough University. He is leading large projects funded by Ministry of India on food security and logistics. He is also identified as one of the most productive researchers in India in the broader area of decision sciences.

Prof. D Krishna Sundar is founder and chairperson of the Digital Innovation Lab at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. The DI Lab is a new initiative that grew out of his strong desire to address the problems of inclusion at the base of the pyramid in terms of social and financial inclusion through innovations in digital technology and contribute towards social sector development. He is a full Professor in the area of Production & Operations Management. His research interests are Electronic Business Management, ERP, E-Governance, Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Prof Ravi Shankar’s visit is supported by the Institute for Advanced Studies fund to Alok Choudhary and Prof Jenny Harding (Wolfson School). Prof. VIGNESWARA ILAVARASAN is supported by SBE’s international exchange fund.