School of Business and Economics


21 March 2018

HASTAM - Health and Safety Research

About this event

A Hastam workshop in collaboration with the School of Business and Economics, Loughborough University.

The date for the next event is March 21st and is back at Loughborough University. Looking at KPIs and how leaders can use these to affect their safety culture.

This workshop is open to H&S Senior Managers or Directors.

The aim is to explore how the use of leading and lagging safety performance indicators may help or hinder progress with safety culture maturity. Points covered will include:

  • How can we ensure that our use of lagging safety performance indicators helps our safety culture to mature?
  • What leading safety performance indicators should we use?
  • How important is the process we use to select and implement our safety performance indicators?
  • How should our choice and use of safety performance indicators change as safety culture matures?
  • Where does measuring safety culture fit?
  • What is the value of safety award schemes and competitions?

There will be discussion from our academic and industry speakers

Steve Highley, Hastam

Dr Tony Boyle, Hastam

Professor Andrew Hale, Hastam

Professor Richard Booth, Hastam

James Royston, the Environment Agency

Gary Piper, Mars

Marc Young, Wrigley

Dr David Wenham, Loughborough University

This workshop is part of the Hastam’s Safety Culture Bench Partnership

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