School of Business and Economics


21 November 2018

CIPD Leaders in Learning

Presented By Leicestershire CIPD Hosted by Centre for Professional Work and Society, School of Business and Economics

About this event

'Learning technology … putting learners at the heart of solutions'.

Many organisations are taking advantage of digital solutions to enhance their learning and development strategies. However, learning technology is often implemented from an organisational perspective rather than with a focus on learner needs.

We will explore the opportunities and challenges for technology to support learners through:

  • Flexibility - providing options for self-direction, anytime, anywhere
  • Accessibility - empowering for unique learners needs
  • Immediacy - integrating learning into the flow of work

The session will also reflect on findings from the CIPD report: The future of technology and learning.

Special event: The CIPD leaders in Learning event in Milton Keynes on Tuesday 27 November 2018 will come together with CIPD’s own Milton Keynes branch Learning Matters Special Interest Group to explore ‘How to create and amazing learning culture’.

Much is written about learning culture and many organisations claim to have created one. However, effective learning cultures tend to be very rare. 

This event will share the journey of HMY Group (UK) towards their implementation of a learning culture that works. 328 people – the whole company – have been involved from concept through delivery of the learning, development and transformation process.