School of Business and Economics


29 November 2018

Increase Revenue & Profitability through Sustainable & Low Carbon Procurement

Presented By School of Business and Economics

About this event

‌Learn from the best practices of Heathrow Airport, Carbon Trust and Expertise at Loughborough University

The purpose of this workshop is to support businesses and SMEs in particular to drive revenue growth, increase profitability, reducing waste and duplication through  sustainable & low carbon procurement strategies, learning best practices, networking and knowledge sharing.

 Benefits for Participants:

  • Increase profitability, drive revenue, win new business and reduce cost through sustainable & low carbon procurement strategies
  • Improve your environmental performance by learning from Heathrow Airport Supply Chain and Expertise of Carbon Trust
  • Receive cutting edge academic expertise and access to sustainability toolkit from Loughborough University
  • Engage in dialogue through interactive round table panel discussion
  • Share collective experience, knowledge and best practices from across sectors
  • Network, collaborate and identify business opportunities
  • Get 1-2-1 business support and access to funding for Energy Efficiency

Are you ready to do business with Heathrow Airport?

-          Learn about the Sustainable Procurement Strategies for Heathrow

-          What qualitative standards do they require from their suppliers

 Presented by Steve Ballard, Cost and Pricing Manager, Heathrow Airport

 What 'good' looks like for a responsible supplier?

-          How to achieve the qualitative standards. 

-          Leading edge examples of sustainability from business in various sectors

 Presented by Martin Barrow, Director of Footprinting, Carbon Trust

 The world is round not flat - circular supply chains are here to stay

-          How toolkit developed at Loughborough can help you improve your sustainability performance

-          Learn from and receive cutting edge academic expertise from Loughborough University

 Presented by Alok Choudhary, Reader in Supply Chain Management, Loughborough University  

 Green Business Fund

-          How to access funding and direct support for SME’s to achieve sustainability