School of Business and Economics


20 September 2017

UK Forum for Supply Chain Sustainability 2nd Annual Conference

Presented By Dr. Alok Choudhary

About this event

Dr. Alok Choudhary Dr. Alok Choudhary

The School of Business and Economics are delighted to invite you to the UK Forum for Supply Chain Sustainability 2nd Annual Conference at Loughborough University, London.

With a focus on industry and industrial practices, the forum’s purpose is to support supply chain sustainability through innovative insights, networking, collaboration and knowledge sharing for procurement, supply chain, sustainability, CSR and logistics leaders.

A mix of interactive panel discussions, keynotes, case studies and workshop sessions led by leading industry and academic experts will provide a high-level view of the supply chain industry and current practices, offering innovative strategies and insights to help professionals to gain a competitive advantage.

The last year’s highlights can be found on the following website:


This one-day forum event will provide a platform to:

  • Mutually learn from world leading industries, academic experts and thought leaders
  • Integrate knowledge and perspectives through interactive round table panel discussion
  • Share collective experience, knowledge and best practices from across sectors
  • Collaborate, network and identify opportunities in business, government, academia and NGO organisations
  • Encourage debate and fully participative sessions 

Full details of the event can be found here.