School of Business and Economics


18 October 2017

MBA Masterclass: Pitch Yourself/Career DNA Bank

Presented By Bil Faust
  • 1.00pm - 5.00pm
  • Room BE.0.53, School of Business and Economics / SCH001 Schofield Building

About this event

Part One: Pitch Yourself
Wednesday, 11th October 2017 (Room BE0.53)

Part Two: Career DNA Bank
Wednesday, 18th October 2017 (Room SCH001)

Bill Faust is a guest speaker at many leading business schools and the Executive Director Europe for CustomerFusion, a communications agency with innovation at its core based in the UK and Australia. He also co-wrote the best seller Pitch Yourself, published by Pearson's in 67 countries. 

Overview of the Pitch Yourself talks from Bill Faust:

"I work with many of the leading business schools and universities both post graduate and under graduate in the UK & around the world delivering talks about how to effectively market yourself based on my book Pitch Yourself. What makes the work I do different? Well we applied marketing principles used throughout the world to market products and services to the individual and show how to implement these techniques. Nobody had done this previously to the extent we did in Pitch Yourself.

The book was written by two senior marketing professionals, myself and Michael, my brother who is the Global Commercial Director at WPP and at the time of writing the first book he was the Head of Strategy for Dell EMEA. I was the Marketing Director of GE Insurance Holdings, with my previous work being in the large advertising agencies in London, New York, Sydney and Paris."

The talk and the book show people how to develop their own personal marketing strategy for every stage of the recruitment process so they:

1.       Understand the product and what the product can offer

2.       Create, build and maintain relationships

3.       Understand the needs motivations of the buyer/employer

4.       Stimulate demand of the buyer/employer (internal or external)

5.       Speak and write from the buyers perspective at all times

6.       Find commonality, synergy and thus engagement e.g. communication

Pitch Yourself looks into developing the Career DNA Bank, which identifies and evidences what differentiates you from everyone else e.g.  the way you think and how to portray this to a potential employer throughout every stage of the recruitment process.

For more information on Bill's talks, head over to his websites and For more about Bill have a look at his LinkedIn profile,