School of Business and Economics


31 January 2017

International Trade Arrangements after Brexit: Establishing the Facts

Presented By The School of Business and Economics
  • 9.30-16.45
  • Lecture Theater 1.04, Loughborough University London, 3 Lesney Avenue, The Broadcast Centre, East Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London E15 2GZ

About this event

Professor Milne Professor Milne

A one-day conference examining the implications of UK trade arrangements outside of the EU for tariffs, market access and the harmonisation of standards and regulations.

Supported by the ESRC UK in a Changing Europe Initiative

Organised by the School of Business and Economics, Loughborough University

This event is a platform for the presentation of research based analysis and discussion of the economic implications of the various possible trade arrangements when the UK leaves the European Union. The goal is not to argue for or against any particular choice, but rather to help participants gain a better understanding of their economic costs and benefits.